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Children's Reading List
November 2011

Historical Fiction - World War II

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
AWARD NEWBERY LOWRY Lowry, Lois Number the stars 1989
EARLY CHAPTER HEST Hest, Amy Love you, soldier 1991
JFICTION AMERICAN GIRL MOLLY Tripp, Valerie Meet Molly : an American girl 1986
JFICTION AMERICAN GIRL MYSTERY Buckey, Sarah Masters The light in the cellar : a Molly mystery 2007
JFICTION AMERICAN GIRL MYSTERY Hart, Alison A spy on the home front : a Molly mystery 2005
JFICTION BAUER Bauer, Marion Dane Rain of fire 1983
JFICTION BAWDEN Bawden, Nina Henry 1988
JFICTION BELL Bell, Ted Nick of time 2008
JFICTION BELL Bell, Ted The time pirate : a Nick McIver time adventure 2010
JFICTION BENARY-ISBERT Benary-Isbert, Margot The Ark 1953
JFICTION BERGMAN Bergman, Tamar The boy from over there 1988
JFICTION BISHOP Bishop, Claire Huchet Twenty and ten 1978
JFICTION BUNTING Bunting, Eve Spying on Miss Mèuller 1995
JFICTION BURNFORD Burnford, Sheila Bel Ria : dog of war 2006
JFICTION COOPER Cooper, Susan Dawn of fear 1970
JFICTION DEAR AMERICA Larson, Kirby The fences between us : the diary of Piper Davis 2010
JFICTION DEJONG De Jong, Meindert The house of sixty fathers 1956
JFICTION DRUCKER Drucker, Malka Jacob's rescue : a Holocaust story 1993
JFICTION FRASCINO Frascino, Edward Eddie Spaghetti on the homefront 1983
JFICTION GALLICO Gallico, Paul The snow goose 1996
JFICTION GIFF Giff, Patricia Reilly Lily's crossing 1997
JFICTION GIFF Giff, Patricia Reilly Willow Run 2005
JFICTION GLASSMAN Glassman, Judy The morning glory war 1990
JFICTION HAHN Hahn, Mary Downing Stepping on the cracks 1991
JFICTION HARLOW Harlow, Joan Hiatt Shadows on the sea 2005
JFICTION HARTNETT Hartnett, Sonya The Midnight zoo 2011
JFICTION HOLM Holm, Anne North to freedom 1965
JFICTION HUGHES Hughes, Dean Missing in action 2010
JFICTION IBBOTSON Ibbotson, Eva The dragonfly pool 2008
JFICTION KERR Kerr, Judith When Hitler stole pink rabbit 1972
JFICTION LEVITIN Levitin, Sonia Journey to America 1970
JFICTION LEVITIN Levitin, Sonia Silver days 1989
JFICTION LOWRY Lowry, Lois Autumn street 1980
JFICTION MAGUIRE Maguire, Gregory The good liar 1999
JFICTION MCSWIGAN McSwigan, Marie Snow treasure 1958
JFICTION MORPURGO Morpurgo, Michael Waiting for Anya 1991
JFICTION NAPOLI Napoli, Donna Jo Stones in water 1997
JFICTION ORLEV Orlev, Uri The island on Bird Street 1984
JFICTION OSSOWSKI Ossowski, Leonie Star without a sky 1985
JFICTION PARK Park, Linda Sue When my name was Keoko 2002
JFICTION PATNEAUDE Patneaude, David Thin wood walls 2004
JFICTION PEARSON Pearson, Kit The sky is falling 1989
JFICTION PECK Peck, Richard On the wings of heroes 2007
JFICTION POPLE Pople, Maureen The other side of the family 1988
JFICTION SALISBURY Salisbury, Graham Under the blood-red sun 1994
JFICTION SERRAILLIER Serraillier, Ian Escape from Warsaw 1990
JFICTION SHEMIN Shemin, Margaretha The little riders 1988
JFICTION SMITH Smith, Doris Buchanan Salted lemons 1980
JFICTION THOR Thor, Annika A faraway island 2009
JFICTION VANDERELS Vander Els, Betty The bombers' moon 1985
JFICTION VANSTEENWYK Van Steenwyk, Elizabeth A traitor among us 1997
JFICTION WESTALL Westall, Robert The kingdom by the sea 1991
JHOLIDAY HANUKKAH ADLER Adler, David A. One yellow daffodil : a Hanukkah story 1995
JHOLIDAY HANUKKAH SCHNUR Schnur, Steven The tie man's miracle : a Chanukah tale 1995
PICTURE BOOK TSUCHIYA Tsuchiya, Yukio Faithful elephants : a true story of animals, people, and war 1988
PICTURE BOOK UCHIDA Uchida, Yoshiko The bracelet 1993