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Children's Reading List
November 2013

The New Baby

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
EARLY READER CROW Crow, Melinda Melton Little Lizard's new baby 2011
EARLY READER MCMAHON McMahon, Kara The scariest day ever-- so far 2013
J155.4 PATENT Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw Babies! 1988
J301.43 STEIN Stein, Sara Bonnett That new baby : an open family book for parents and children together 1974
J305.232 HELMER Helmer, Diana Star Let's talk about having a new brother or sister 1999
J305.232 LASKY Lasky, Kathryn Love that baby! : a book about babies for new brothers, sisters, cousins, and friends 2004
J306.87 BANISH Banish, Roslyn Let me tell you about my baby 1988
J306.875 COLE Cole, Joanna The new baby at your house 1985
J306.875 GREENE Green, Jen Our new baby 1998
J306.875 LASKY Lasky, Kathryn A baby for Max 1984
J306.875 ROGERS Rogers, Fred The new baby 1985
J612.63 COLE Cole, Joanna How you were born 1993
J612.63 COLE Cole, Joanna When you were inside Mommy 2001
J612.65 HEILIGMAN Heiligman, Deborah Babies 2002
J649 MURKOFF Murkoff, Heidi Eisenberg What to expect when the new baby comes home 2001
PICTURE BOOK APPELT Appelt, Kathi Brand-new baby blues 2010
PICTURE BOOK ASHMAN Ashman, Linda When I was king 2008
PICTURE BOOK BIRDSEYE Birdseye, Tom Waiting for baby 1991
PICTURE BOOK BOGART Bogart, Jo Ellen Daniel's dog 1990
PICTURE BOOK BOWEN Bowen, Anne I loved you before you were born 2001
PICTURE BOOK BROWN Brown, Marc Tolon Arthur and the baby 2011
PICTURE BOOK BUNTING Bunting, Eve Baby can 2007
PICTURE BOOK CADENA Cadena, Beth Supersister 2009
PICTURE BOOK CLIFTON Clifton, Lucille Everett Anderson's nine month long 1978
PICTURE BOOK COCCA-LEFFLER Cocca-Leffler, Maryann Theo's mood 2013
PICTURE BOOK COLE Cole, Joanna I'm a big brother 2010
PICTURE BOOK COLE Cole, Joanna I'm a big sister 2010
PICTURE BOOK CRYSTAL Crystal, Billy I already know I love you 2004
PICTURE BOOK CUYLER Cuyler, Margery Shadow's baby 1989
PICTURE BOOK DOERRFELD Doerrfeld, Cori Penny loves pink 2011
PICTURE BOOK EDWARDS Edwards, Michelle Room for the baby 2012
PICTURE BOOK FALWELL Falwell, Cathryn We have a baby 1993
PICTURE BOOK FEIFFER Feiffer, Kate But I wanted a baby brother! 2010
PICTURE BOOK FRAZEE Frazee, Marla Starring the boss baby as himself! 2010
PICTURE BOOK FRENCH French, Simon Guess the baby 2002
PICTURE BOOK GLIORI Gliori, Debi New big sister 1991
PICTURE BOOK HARRIS Harris, Robie H. Mail Harry to the moon! 2008
PICTURE BOOK HENDERSON Henderson, Kathy Newborn 1999
PICTURE BOOK HENKES Henkes, Kevin Julius, the baby of the world 1990
PICTURE BOOK HOBAN Hoban, Russell A baby sister for Frances 1993
PICTURE BOOK HOLT Holt, Kimberly Willis Waiting for Gregory 2006
PICTURE BOOK HOROWITZ Horowitz, Ruth Mommy's lap 1993
PICTURE BOOK HORSE Horse, Harry Little Rabbit's new baby 2008
PICTURE BOOK HOWE Howe, James Pinky and Rex and the new baby 1993
PICTURE BOOK HURWITZ Hurwitz, Johanna Russell's secret 2001
PICTURE BOOK JENKINS Jenkins, Emily That new animal 2005
PICTURE BOOK KEATS Keats, Ezra Jack Peter's chair. 1967
PICTURE BOOK KELLER Keller, Holly Geraldine's baby brother 1994
PICTURE BOOK KOPPER Kopper, Lisa Daisy thinks she is a baby 1994
PICTURE BOOK LANDOLF Landolf, Diane Wright What a good big brother! 2008
PICTURE BOOK L'ENGLE L'Engle, Madeleine The other dog 2001
PICTURE BOOK LEWIS Lewis, Cynthia Copeland Dilly's big sister diary 1998
PICTURE BOOK LLOYD-JONES Lloyd-Jones, Sally How to be a baby-- by me, the big sister 2007
PICTURE BOOK LONDON London, Jonathan Froggy's baby sister 2003
PICTURE BOOK LOOK Look, Lenore Henry's first-moon birthday 2001
PICTURE BOOK MACDONALD Macdonald, Maryann Rosie runs away 1990
PICTURE BOOK MACLACHLAN MacLachlan, Patricia Bittle 2004
PICTURE BOOK MACLACHLAN MacLachlan, Patricia You were the first 2013
PICTURE BOOK MCCLELLAND McClelland, Julia This baby 1994
PICTURE BOOK MEYERS Meyers, Susan Everywhere babies 2001
PICTURE BOOK MILGRIM Milgrim, David Best baby ever 2009
PICTURE BOOK MOERS Moers, Hermann Hugo's baby brother 1992
PICTURE BOOK MORRIS Morris, Richard T. Bye-bye, baby! 2009
PICTURE BOOK MORROW Morrow, Tara Jaye Mommy loves her baby, Daddy loves his baby 2003
PICTURE BOOK MUELLER Mueller, Virginia Monster and the baby 1985
PICTURE BOOK PALATINI Palatini, Margie Good as Goldie 2000
PICTURE BOOK PATZ Patz, Nancy Babies can't eat kimchee! 2007
PICTURE BOOK REISER Reiser, Lynn My baby and me 2008
PICTURE BOOK ROSS Ross, Christine Lily and the present 1992
PICTURE BOOK ROSS Ross, Tony, I want a sister! 2013
PICTURE BOOK ROTH Roth, Carol Will you still love me? 2010
PICTURE BOOK RUSSO Russo, Marisabina Waiting for Hannah 1989
PICTURE BOOK SALTZBERG Saltzberg, Barney Cornelius P. Mud, are you ready for baby? 2009
PICTURE BOOK SCHWARTZ Schwartz, Amy A teeny, tiny baby 1994
PICTURE BOOK SHAKESPEARE Shakespeare, Nancy Benjamin the bear gets a sister. 2013
PICTURE BOOK SHELDON Sheldon, Annette Big brother now : a story about me and our new baby 2008
PICTURE BOOK SHELDON Sheldon, Annette Big sister now : a story about me and our new baby 2006
PICTURE BOOK SHUTE Shute, Linda How I named the baby 1993
PICTURE BOOK SPERRING Sperring, Mark Dino-baby 2013
PICTURE BOOK STEVENSON Stevenson, James Worse than Willy! 1984
PICTURE BOOK TITHERINGTON Titherington, Jeanne A place for Ben 1987
PICTURE BOOK WEEKS Weeks, Sarah Sophie Peterman tells the truth! 2009
PICTURE BOOK WILLIAMS Williams, Susan Poppy's first year 1989
PICTURE BOOK WILLIS Willis, Jeanne Earthlets, as explained by Professor Xargle 1994
PICTURE BOOK WOODSON Woodson, Jacqueline Pecan pie baby 2010
PICTURE BOOK ZALBEN Zalben, Jane Breskin Baby Babka : the gorgeous genius 2004