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Children's Reading List
July 2012

Mystery Novels for Ages 9-11

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
AWARD NEWBERY KONIGSBURG Konigsburg, E. L. From the mixed-up files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler 2002
JFICTION AMERICAN GIRL HISTORY Buckey, Sarah Masters Enemy in the Fort 2001
JFICTION ANDERSON Anderson, M. T. Jasper Dash and the flame-pits of Delaware 2009
JFICTION BABBITT Babbitt, Natalie Goody Hall 1971
JFICTION BACCALARIO Baccalario, Pierdomenico The door to time 2006
JFICTION BAILEY Bailey, Linda How can I be a detective if I have to baby-sit? 1996
JFICTION BARRETT Barrett, Tracy The 100-year-old secret 2008
JFICTION BOSCH Bosch, Pseudonymous The name of this book is secret 2007
JFICTION BROACH Broach, Elise Missing on Superstition Mountain 2011
JFICTION BROOKS Brooks, Walter R. Freddy the detective 1987
JFICTION BUCKLEY Buckley, Michael The fairy-tale detectives 2005
JFICTION CAREY Carey, Benedict The unknowns : a mystery 2009
JFICTION CHICK Chick, Bryan The secret zoo 2010
JFICTION CHRISTIAN Christian, Mary Blount Merger on the Orient Expressway 1986
JFICTION CHRISTIAN Christian, Mary Blount Sebastian (super sleuth) and the clumsy cowboy 1985
JFICTION CHRISTIAN Christian, Mary Blount The mysterious case case 1985
JFICTION CLEMENTS Clements, Andrew Fear itself 2010
JFICTION CLEMENTS Clements, Andrew Room one : a mystery or two 2006
JFICTION CLEMENTS Clements, Andrew We the children 2010
JFICTION CLIFFORD Clifford, Eth Just tell me when we're dead! 1983
JFICTION CLIFFORD Clifford, Eth The dastardly murder of Dirty Pete 1981
JFICTION CLYMER Clymer, Eleanor The horse in the attic 1983
JFICTION CURTIS Curtis, Christopher Paul Mr. Chickee's funny money 2005
JFICTION CURTIS Curtis, Christopher Paul Mr. Chickee's messy mission 2007
JFICTION DELTON Delton, Judy The mystery of the haunted cabin 1986
JFICTION EVANS Evans, Lissa Horten's miraculous mechanisms : magic, mystery & a very strange adventure 2012
JFICTION EVANS Evans, Nate Humpty Dumpty, Jr., hardboiled detective, in the case of the fiendish flapjack flop 2008
JFICTION GREGORY Gregory, Kristiana The blizzard on Blue Mountain 2008
JFICTION HADDON Haddon, Mark Boom! 2010
JFICTION HALE Hale, Bruce The possum always rings twice 2006
JFICTION HARRINGTON Harrington, Kim Partners in crime 2012
JFICTION HICKS Hicks, Clifford B. Alvin's secret code. Illustrated by Bill Sokol. 1963
JFICTION HILDICK Hildick, E. W. The Ghost Squad breaks through 1984
JFICTION HOLM Holm & Hamel The postman always brings mice 2004
JFICTION HOWE Howe, Deborah Bunnicula : a rabbit tale of mystery 1979
JFICTION HOWE Howe, James The celery stalks at midnight 1983
JFICTION KLISE Klise, Kate Regarding the sink : where, oh where, did Waters go? 2004
JFICTION MEYERS Meyers, Susan P.J. Clover, private eye--the case of the stolen laundry 1981
JFICTION NAYLOR Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds Bernie Magruder and the bats in the belfry 2003
JFICTION RASKIN Raskin, Ellen The mysterious disappearance of Leon (I mean Noel). 1971
JFICTION RIPKEN Ripken, Cal Super-sized slugger : a novel 2012
JFICTION ROBERTS Roberts, Willo Davis Scared stiff 1991
JFICTION SINGER Singer, Marilyn The case of the cackling car : a Sam and Dave mystery story 1985
JFICTION SMITH Smith, Roland Tentacles 2009
JFICTION SMITH Smith, Roland The Cryptid hunters 2005
JFICTION SOBOL Sobol, Donald J. Encyclopedia Brown, boy detective 1988
JFICTION STEVENSON Stevenson, Drew The case of the visiting vampire 1986
JFICTION THIRTY Riordan, Rick The 39 clues. The maze of bones 2008
JFICTION WALLACE Wallace, Bill Trapped in Death Cave 1984
JFICTION WEEKS Weeks, Sarah Pie 2011
JFICTION WRIGHT Wright, Betty Ren A ghost in the family 1998