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Children's Reading List
July 2012

Mystery Novels for Ages 11-14

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
AWARD NEWBERY RASKIN Raskin, Ellen The Westing game 1978
JFICTION ALCOCK Alcock, Vivien The mysterious Mr. Ross 1987
JFICTION ANDERSON Anderson, M. T. The game of Sunken Places 2004
JFICTION AVI Avi Murder at midnight 2009
JFICTION BALLIETT Balliett, Blue Chasing Vermeer 2004
JFICTION BALLIETT Balliett, Blue The Wright 3 2006
JFICTION BARNETT Barnett, Mac It happened on a train 2011
JFICTION BARNETT Barnett, Mac The case of the case of mistaken identity 2009
JFICTION BEIL Beil, Michael D. The red blazer girls : the ring of Rocamadour 2009
JFICTION BELLAIRS Bellairs, John The treasure of Alpheus Winterborn 1978
JFICTION BERLIN Berlin, Eric The puzzling world of Winston Breen 2007
JFICTION BUNTING Bunting, Eve The man with the red bag 2007
JFICTION BYARS Byars, Betsy Cromer Disappearing acts 1998
JFICTION CHEANEY Cheaney, J. B. The playmaker 2000
JFICTION CHICK Chick, Bryan The secret zoo : secrets and shadows 2011
JFICTION CHILD Child, Lauren Ruby Redfort look into my eyes 2012
JFICTION CLEMENTS Clements, Andrew We the children 2010
JFICTION CURRY Curry, Jane Louise Moon window 1996
JFICTION CURRY Curry, Jane Louise The Bassumtyte treasure 1978
JFICTION DAKIN Dakin, Glenn The Society of Unrelenting Vigilance 2009
JFICTION DOWD Dowd, Siobhan The London Eye mystery 2008
JFICTION FLEISCHMAN Fleischman, Sid Jim Ugly 1992
JFICTION FRAZIER Frazier, Angie The midnight tunnel : a Suzanna Snow mystery 2011
JFICTION GARDEN Garden, Nancy Mystery of the night raiders 1987
JFICTION GROSSMAN Grossman, David Duel : a mystery 2004
JFICTION HADDIX Haddix, Margaret Peterson Running out of time 1995
JFICTION HAHN Hahn, Mary Downing Closed for the season : a mystery story 2009
JFICTION HALE Hale, Daniel J. Red card : [a Zeke Armstrong mystery] 2002
JFICTION HAMILTON Hamilton, Virginia The house of Dies Drear 1968
JFICTION HARRISON Harrison, Michelle 13 treasures 2010
JFICTION HAYNES Haynes, Mary Wordchanger 1983
JFICTION HOEYE Hoeye, Michael Time stops for no mouse 2000
JFICTION HORVATH Horvath, Polly Mr. and Mrs. Bunny-- detectives extraordinaire! 2011
JFICTION HOWE Howe, James What Eric knew : a Sebastian Barth mystery 1985
JFICTION IBBOTSON Ibbotson, Eva The Star of Kazan 2004
JFICTION KARBO Karbo, Karen Minerva Clark gets a clue 2005
JFICTION KEHRET Kehret, Peg Nightmare mountain 1989
JFICTION KIRBY Kirby, Matthew J. The clockwork three 2010
JFICTION LAWRENCE Lawrence, Caroline The case of the deadly desperados 2012
JFICTION LAWRENCE Lawrence, Caroline The secrets of Vesuvius 2001
JFICTION MAHY Mahy, Margaret Underrunners 1992
JFICTION NAYLOR Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds The bodies in the Bessledorf Hotel 1986
JFICTION NICKERSON Nickerson, Sara How to disappear completely and never be found 2002
JFICTION PATNEAUDE Patneaude, David Someone was watching 1993
JFICTION PETERSEN Petersen, P. J. Liars 1992
JFICTION PULLMAN Pullman, Philip Count Karlstein 1982
JFICTION ROBERTS Roberts, Willo Davis Baby-sitting is a dangerous job 1985
JFICTION ROBERTS Roberts, Willo Davis Caught! 1994
JFICTION SHERRY Sherry, Maureen Walls within walls 2010
JFICTION SKURZYNSKI Skurzynski, Gloria Wolf stalker 1997
JFICTION STEWART Stewart, Paul Barnaby Grimes : legion of the dead 2010
JFICTION STEWART Stewart, Trenton Lee The extraordinary education of Nicholas Benedict 2012
JFICTION SUMA Suma, Nova Ren Dani noir 2009
JFICTION TOWNSEND Townsend, John Rowe Tom Tiddler's ground 1986
JFICTION UPDALE Updale, Eleanor Johnny Swanson 2011
JFICTION VANDRAANEN Van Draanen, Wendelin Sammy Keyes and the hotel thief 1998
JFICTION VOIGT Voigt, Cynthia The Vandemark mummy 1991
JFICTION WRIGHT Wright, Betty Ren The dollhouse murders 1983
JFICTION YEP Yep, Laurence The Mark Twain murders 1982
YA FICTION ABRAHAMS Abrahams, Peter Down the rabbit hole : an Echo Falls mystery 2005
YA FICTION ALLISON Allison, Jennifer Gilda Joyce, psychic investigator 2005
YA FICTION COLFER Colfer, Eoin Half-Moon investigations 2006
YA FICTION FEINSTEIN Feinstein, John Change-up : mystery at the World Series 2009
YA FICTION HOROWITZ Horowitz, Anthony The Falcon's Malteser : a Diamond brothers mystery 2004
YA FICTION RUNHOLT Runholt, Susan Rescuing Seneca Crane 2009
YA FICTION SPRINGER Springer, Nancy The case of the missing marquess : an Enola Holmes mystery 2006