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Children's Reading List
November 2011

Historical Fiction - The Middle Ages

 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
AWARD NEWBERY AVI Avi Crispin: the cross of lead 2002
AWARD NEWBERY CUSHMAN Cushman, Karen The midwife's apprentice 1995
AWARD NEWBERY DEANGELI De Angeli, Marguerite The door in the wall 1964
AWARD NEWBERY GRAY Gray, Elizabeth Adam of the road 1942
AWARD NEWBERY KELLY Kelly, Eric P. The trumpeter of Krakow 1966
EARLY CHAPTER DEARY Deary, Terry The Lambton worm 1982
EARLY CHAPTER SKURZYNSKI Skurzynski, Gloria The minstrel in the tower 1988
JFICTION AMOSS Amoss, Berthe Lost magic 1993
JFICTION AVI Avi Crispin at the edge of the world 2006
JFICTION BECKMAN Beckman, Thea Crusade in jeans 1975
JFICTION BRANFORD Branford, Henrietta Fire, bed, & bone 1998
JFICTION EDWARDS Edwards, Julie Dragon : hound of honor 2004
JFICTION FURLONG Furlong, Monica Robin's country 1995
JFICTION GILMAN Gilman, Laura Anne Morgain's revenge 2006
JFICTION GILMAN Gilman, Laura Anne The Camelot spell 2006
JFICTION GILMAN Gilman, Laura Anne The shadow companion 2006
JFICTION GRAHAM Graham, Harriet A boy and his bear 1996
JFICTION HARNETT Harnett, Cynthia The cargo of the Madalena 1984
JFICTION HARNETT Harnett, Cynthia The sign of the Green Falcon 1984
JFICTION HARNETT Harnett, Cynthia The writing on the hearth 1984
JFICTION JEWETT Jewett, Eleanore M. The hidden treasure of Glaston 2000
JFICTION LINDGREN Lindgren, Astrid Ronia, the robber's daughter 1985
JFICTION LOFTS Lofts, Norah The Maude Reed tale 1972
JFICTION LOVE Love, D. Anne The puppeteer's apprentice 2003
JFICTION NEALE Neale, Gay Weeks Banners over Terre d'Or 1982
JFICTION PLATT Platt, Richard Castle diary : the journal of Tobias Burgess, page 2003
JFICTION PYLE Pyle, Howard Otto of the Silver Hand 1967
JFICTION SHULEVITZ Shulevitz, Uri The travels of Benjamin of Tudela : through three continents in the twelfth century 2005
JFICTION SKURZYNSKI Skurzynski, Gloria What happened in Hamelin 1979
JFICTION SPRADLIN Spradlin, Michael Keeper of the Grail 2008
JFICTION SPRADLIN Spradlin, Michael Trail of fate 2009
JFICTION SPRINGER Springer, Nancy Rowan Hood, outlaw girl of Sherwood Forest 2001
JFICTION STEVENSON Stevenson, Robert Louis The black arrow 1923
JFICTION SUTCLIFF Sutcliff, Rosemary The witch's brat 1970
JFICTION WILDE Wilde, Nicholas Sir Bertie & the wyvern : a tale of heraldry 1984
JFICTION WILLARD Willard, Barbara Son of Charlemagne 1998