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Children's Reading List

Inspirational Children's Books

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
AWARD NEWBERY SPEARE Speare, Elizabeth George The bronze bow 1961
J200 CHILDREN'S Bennett, William J. The children's book of faith 2000
J328.73 ASIM Asim, Jabari Preaching To The Chickens : The story of young John Lewis 2016
J808.83 BOOK Bennett, William J. The book of virtues for young people : a treasury of great moral stories 1996
J973 CHILDREN'S Bennett, William J. The children's book of America 1998
JFICTION BUCKLEY Buckley, Matthew Bullies in the headlights : a novel 2007
JFICTION FEHLER Fehler, Gene Never blame the umpire 2010
JFICTION FLETCHER Fletcher, Susan Walk across the sea 2001
JFICTION HILMO Hilmo, Tess With a name like Love 2011
JFICTION IMMIGRANT CHRONICLE Hoehne, Marcia The journey of Emilie 1998
JFICTION IMMIGRANT CHRONICLE Luttrell, Wanda The journey of Hannah 1998
JFICTION JACKSON Jackson, Dave Listen for the whippoorwill 1993
JFICTION JACKSON Jackson, Dave The drummer boy's battle 1997
JFICTION JACKSON Jackson, Dave The thieves of Tyburn Square 1995
JFICTION JOHNSON Johnson, Alice W. When the white dove descended 2008
JFICTION KARON Karon, Jan Jeremy : the tale of an honest bunny 2000
JFICTION LARSON Larson, Greg The magic garden and other stories 1988
JFICTION LARSON Larson, Kirby The friendship doll 2011
JFICTION LAW Law, Jerel Spirit fighter 2011
JFICTION LEPPARD Leppard, Lois Gladys Mandie and the secret tunnel 1983
JFICTION LEVENE Simpson, Nancy T-bone trouble 1990
JFICTION LEWIS Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples) The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe 1994
JFICTION LIMBAUGH Limbaugh, Rush H. Rush Revere and the brave pilgrims : time-travel adventures with exceptional Americans 2013
JFICTION LUTTRELL Luttrell, Wanda Stranger in Williamsburg 1995
JFICTION MARLOW Marlow, Susan K. Andrea Carter and the long ride home : a novel 2005
JFICTION MONSON Monson, Marianne Pioneer puzzle 2010
JFICTION MORTENSON Mortenson, R. K. Landon Snow and the auctor's riddle 2005
JFICTION NIXON Nixon, Joan Lowery A family apart 1987
JFICTION PARRY Parry, Rosanne Heart of a shepherd 2009
JFICTION RICHARDSON Richardson, Arleta Across the border 1996
JFICTION RICHARDSON Richardson, Arleta In grandma's attic 1994
JFICTION RICHARDSON Richardson, Arleta Looking for home 1993
JFICTION RICHARDSON Richardson, Arleta More stories from grandma's attic 1979
JFICTION RICHARDSON Richardson, Arleta Treasures from grandma 1984
JFICTION RODDY Roddy, Lee The gold train bandits 1992
JFICTION RODDY Roddy, Lee The overland escape 1989
JFICTION RUPP Rupp, Rebecca Octavia Boone's big questions about life, the universe, and everything 2010
JFICTION SCANLON Scanlon, Elizabeth Garton The great good summer 2015
JFICTION SEREDY Seredy, Kate The Chestry oak 2015
JFICTION WILES Wiles, Patricia My mom's a mortician : a novel 2004
PICTURE BOOK LUCADO Lucado, Max You are special 1997