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Children's Reading List
May 2011

Good books for Grades 7 & 8

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
JFICTION BARRY Barry, Dave Science fair : a story of mystery, danger, international suspense, and a very nervous frog 2008
JFICTION HUNTER Hunter, Erin W. Into the wild 2003
JFICTION LEVINE Levine, Gail Carson Fairest 2006
JFICTION MULL Mull, Brandon A world without heroes 2011
JFICTION MYERS Myers, Edward Storyteller 2008
JFICTION SKYE Skye, Obert Pillage 2008
JFICTION STONE Stone, Jeffrey S. Tiger 2005
JFICTION WHITE White, Ruth Belle Prater's boy 1996
SCI-FIC FANTASY ARMSTRONG Armstrong, Jennifer The kindling 2002
SCI-FIC FANTASY ASPRIN Asprin, Robert Another fine myth 1984
SCI-FIC FANTASY BRADSHAW Bradshaw, Gillian The dragon and the thief 1991
SCI-FIC FANTASY CHRISTOPHER Christopher, John The White Mountains 1967
SCI-FIC FANTASY FARMER Farmer, Nancy The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm : a novel 1994
SCI-FIC FANTASY MCCAFFREY McCaffrey, Anne Dragonsong 1976
SCI-FIC FANTASY PRATCHETT Pratchett, Terry The amazing Maurice and his educated rodents 2002
SCI-FIC FANTASY STEVERMER Stevermer, Caroline River rats 1992
YA FICTION ALEXANDER Alexander, Lloyd The golden dream of Carlo Chuchio 2007
YA FICTION ALLISON Allison, Jennifer Gilda Joyce, psychic investigator 2005
YA FICTION ALMOND Almond, David The fire-eaters 2003
YA FICTION ANDERSON Anderson, Rachel Black water 1995
YA FICTION AVI Avi Wolf rider : a tale of terror 1986
YA FICTION BARRON Barron, T. A. The lost years of Merlin 1996
YA FICTION BAUER Bauer, Joan Rules of the road 1998
YA FICTION BRENNAN Brennan, Herbie Faerie wars 2003
YA FICTION BROOKS Brooks, Bruce The moves make the man : a novel 1984
YA FICTION COLFER Colfer, Eoin Artemis Fowl 2001
YA FICTION COLFER Colfer, Eoin The Supernaturalist 2004
YA FICTION COOMBS Coombs, Kate The runaway princess 2006
YA FICTION CUSHMAN Cushman, Karen Catherine, called Birdy 1994
YA FICTION DELANEY Delaney, Joseph Revenge of the witch 2005
YA FICTION DICKINSON Dickinson, Peter The lion-tamer's daughter and other stories 1997
YA FICTION FERRIS Ferris, Jean Once upon a Marigold 2002
YA FICTION FRANKLIN Franklin, Kristine L. Grape thief 2003
YA FICTION HADDIX Haddix, Margaret Peterson Just Ella 1999
YA FICTION HALE Hale, Shannon Princess Academy 2005
YA FICTION HALE Hale, Shannon The goose girl 2003
YA FICTION HARDINGE Hardinge, Frances Fly by night 2006
YA FICTION HOBBS Hobbs, Will Far North 1996
YA FICTION HOLT Holt, Kimberly Willis When Zachary Beaver came to town 1999
YA FICTION HOOBLER Hoobler, Dorothy The demon in the teahouse 2001
YA FICTION HOROWITZ Horowitz, Anthony Stormbreaker 2001
YA FICTION JONES Jones, Diana Wynne Archer's goon 1984
YA FICTION JONES Jones, Diana Wynne Dark Lord of Derkholm 1998
YA FICTION LARSON Larson, Kirby Hattie Big Sky 2006
YA FICTION LAWRENCE Lawrence, Iain The wreckers 1998
YA FICTION MACHALE MacHale, D. J. The merchant of death 2002
YA FICTION MASSON Masson, Sophie Snow, fire, sword 2006
YA FICTION MCCAFFREY McCaffrey, Anne Black horses for the king 1996
YA FICTION MCCAUGHREAN McCaughrean, Geraldine The pirate's son 1998
YA FICTION MCDONNELL McDonnell, Kathleen 1212 : year of the journey 2006
YA FICTION MEYER Meyer, Kai The water mirror 2005
YA FICTION MIKAELSEN Mikaelsen, Ben Red midnight 2002
YA FICTION MIKAELSEN Mikaelsen, Ben Sparrow Hawk Red 1993
YA FICTION MORRIS Morris, Gerald The squire's tale 1998
YA FICTION NIX Nix, Garth Sabriel 1995
YA FICTION O'DELL O'Dell, Scott Sarah Bishop 1980
YA FICTION OPPEL Oppel, Kenneth Airborn 2004
YA FICTION PAOLINI Paolini, Christopher Eragon 2003
YA FICTION PATTOU Pattou, Edith East 2003
YA FICTION PAULSEN Paulsen, Gary Hatchet 1987
YA FICTION PAULSEN Paulsen, Gary The voyage of the Frog 1989
YA FICTION PERKINS Perkins, Lynne Rae All alone in the universe 1999
YA FICTION PRATCHETT Pratchett, Terry The Wee Free Men 2003
YA FICTION RICHTER Richter, Conrad The light in the forest. 1954
YA FICTION RINALDI Rinaldi, Ann The last silk dress 1990
YA FICTION RIORDAN Riordan, Rick The lightning thief 2005
YA FICTION ROSTKOWSKI Rostkowski, Margaret I. After the dancing days 1986
YA FICTION RUCKMAN Ruckman, Ivy No way out 1988
YA FICTION SAGE Sage, Angie Magyk 2005
YA FICTION SKYE Skye, Obert Geth and the return of the lithens 2011
YA FICTION SLEATOR Sleator, William Interstellar pig 1984
YA FICTION STANLEY Stanley, Diane Bella at midnight 2006
YA FICTION STROUD Stroud, Jonathan The Amulet of Samarkand 2003
YA FICTION STURTEVANT Sturtevant, Katherine A true and faithful narrative 2006
YA FICTION THAL Thal, Lilli Mimus 2005
YA FICTION TOMLINSON Tomlinson, Theresa The forestwife 1995
YA FICTION TURNER Turner, Megan Whalen The thief 1996
YA FICTION VANDE VELDE Vande Velde, Vivian Dragon's bait 1992
YA FICTION VANDE VELDE Vande Velde, Vivian Heir apparent 2002
YA FICTION VANDE VELDE Vande Velde, Vivian Never trust a dead man 1999
YA FICTION WHELAN Whelan, Gloria Homeless bird 2000
YA FICTION YEE Yee, Lisa Stanford Wong flunks big-time 2005
YA FICTION ZAMBRENO Zambreno, Mary Frances Journeyman wizard 1994