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Children's Reading List
May 2011

Good Books for Grades 6 & 7

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
AWARD CALDECOTT SELZNICK Selznick, Brian The invention of Hugo Cabret : a novel in words and pictures 2007
AWARD NEWBERY HESSE Hesse, Karen Out of the dust 1997
AWARD NEWBERY LOWRY Lowry, Lois The giver 1993
AWARD NEWBERY MCKINLEY McKinley, Robin The hero and the crown 1985
AWARD NEWBERY PECK Peck, Richard A year down yonder 2000
AWARD NEWBERY SACHAR Sachar, Louis Holes 1998
JFICTION ABBOTT Abbott, Tony Firegirl 2006
JFICTION ALEXANDER Alexander, Lloyd The iron ring 1997
JFICTION ALMOND Almond, David Skellig 1999
JFICTION AVI Avi Hard gold : the Colorado gold rush of 1859, a tale of the Old West 2008
JFICTION AVI Avi The seer of shadows 2008
JFICTION BARRY Barry, Dave Peter & the Starcatchers 2004
JFICTION BARRY Barry, Dave Science fair : a story of mystery, danger, international suspense, and a very nervous frog 2008
JFICTION BELL Bell, Hilari The Goblin Wood 2003
JFICTION BELL Bell, Ted Nick of time 2008
JFICTION BILLINGSLEY Billingsley, Franny The Folk Keeper 1999
JFICTION BIRDSALL Birdsall, Jeanne The Penderwicks : a summer tale of four sisters, two rabbits, and a very interesting boy 2005
JFICTION BLACKWOOD Blackwood, Gary L. The Shakespeare stealer 1998
JFICTION BRADFORD Bradford, Chris Young samurai : the way of the sword 2010
JFICTION CARMAN Carman, Patrick The Dark Hills divide 2005
JFICTION CODELL Codell, Esmâe Raji Sahara special 2003
JFICTION COOPER Cooper, Susan King of shadows 1999
JFICTION COOPER Cooper, Susan The dark is rising 1973
JFICTION COWELL Cowell, Cressida How to train your dragon 2004
JFICTION CURTIS Curtis, Christopher Paul Elijah of Buxton 2007
JFICTION DEARY Deary, Terry The fire thief 2005
JFICTION DEFELICE DeFelice, Cynthia C. The apprenticeship of Lucas Whitaker 1996
JFICTION DEMARI De Mari, Silvana The last dragon 2006
JFICTION DOWD Dowd, Siobhan The London Eye mystery 2008
JFICTION DRAKE Drake, Emily The magickers 2001
JFICTION FARMER Farmer, Nancy The Sea of Trolls 2004
JFICTION FARMER Farmer, Nancy A girl named Disaster 1996
JFICTION FINE Fine, Anne Step by wicked step : a novel 1996
JFICTION FLEISCHMAN Fleischman, Paul Seedfolks 1997
JFICTION FLETCHER Fletcher, Susan Ancient, strange, and lovely 2010
JFICTION FLETCHER Fletcher, Susan Dragon's milk 1992
JFICTION FLETCHER Fletcher, Susan Shadow spinner 1998
JFICTION FUNKE Funke, Cornelia Caroline The Thief Lord 2002
JFICTION GAIMAN Gaiman, Neil Coraline 2002
JFICTION HENKES Henkes, Kevin Olive's ocean 2003
JFICTION HOBBS Hobbs, Will Kokopelli's flute 1995
JFICTION HOLM Holm, Jennifer L. Our only May Amelia 1999
JFICTION HOLM Holm, Jennifer L. Penny from heaven 2006
JFICTION HOLT Holt, Kimberly Willis My Louisiana sky 1998
JFICTION HUNT Hunt, Irene Across five Aprils 1986
JFICTION HUNTER Hunter, Erin W. Into the wild 2003
JFICTION IHIMAERA Ihimaera, Witi Tame The Whale rider 2003
JFICTION JONES Jones, Diana Wynne The lives of Christopher Chant 1988
JFICTION KERR Kerr, Philip One small step 2008
JFICTION KEY Key, Alexander The forgotten door 1999
JFICTION KINNEY Kinney, Jeff Diary of a wimpy kid : Greg Heffley's journal 2007
JFICTION KLAUSE Klause, Annette Curtis Alien secrets 1993
JFICTION KLISE Klise, Kate Regarding the trees : a splintered saga rooted in secrets 2005
JFICTION LAWRENCE Lawrence, Iain Lord of the Nutcracker men 2001
JFICTION LEVINE Levine, Gail Carson A tale of Two Castles 2011
JFICTION LISLE Lisle, Janet Taylor The lost flower children 1999
JFICTION LUPICA Lupica, Mike Summer ball 2007
JFICTION LUPICA Lupica, Mike Travel team 2004
JFICTION MAZER Mazer, Harry The wild kid 1998
JFICTION MCCAUGHREAN McCaughrean, Geraldine The death-defying Pepper Roux 2010
JFICTION MCNAMEE McNamee, Eoin The navigator 2006
JFICTION MULL Mull, Brandon A world without heroes 2011
JFICTION MURPHY Murphy, Jim Desperate journey 2006
JFICTION MYERS Myers, Edward Storyteller 2008
JFICTION PARK Park, Linda Sue Archer's quest 2006
JFICTION PATERSON Paterson, Katherine The same stuff as stars 2002
JFICTION PATNEAUDE Patneaude, David Someone was watching 1993
JFICTION PULLMAN Pullman, Philip Clockwork, or all wound up 1998
JFICTION REISMAN Reisman, Michael Simon Bloom, the gravity keeper 2008
JFICTION RUBY Ruby, Laura The chaos king 2007
JFICTION SALISBURY Salisbury, Graham Lord of the deep 2001
JFICTION SKYE Skye, Obert Pillage 2008
JFICTION STEPHENS Stephens, John The emerald atlas 2011
JFICTION STEWART Stewart, Paul Beyond the Deepwoods 2004
JFICTION STEWART Stewart, Trenton Lee The mysterious Benedict Society 2007
JFICTION STONE Stone, Jeffrey S. Tiger 2005
JFICTION TAYLOR Taylor, Theodore Sniper 1989
JFICTION UMANSKY Umansky, Kaye The silver spoon of Solomon Snow 2005
JFICTION VANDRAANEN Van Draanen, Wendelin Sammy Keyes and the hotel thief 1998
JFICTION WHITE White, Ruth Belle Prater's boy 1996
JFICTION WRIGHT Wright, Betty Ren The dollhouse murders 1983
JFICTON FRIESEN Friesen, Jonathan The last Martin 2011
SCI-FIC FANTASY CHABON Chabon, Michael Summerland 2002
SCI-FIC FANTASY MCCAFFREY McCaffrey, Anne Dragonsong 1976
YA FICTION ALMOND Almond, David Kit's wilderness 2000
YA FICTION BAUER Bauer, Joan Squashed 1992
YA FICTION BUNTING Bunting, Eve Someone is hiding on Alcatraz Island 1994
YA FICTION COLFER Colfer, Eoin Artemis Fowl 2001
YA FICTION CUSHMAN Cushman, Karen The ballad of Lucy Whipple 1996
YA FICTION DUANE Duane, Diane So you want to be a wizard 2003
YA FICTION FLANAGAN Flanagan, John The ruins of Gorlan 2005
YA FICTION HITE Hite, Sid Dither Farm : a novel 1992
YA FICTION HOBBS Hobbs, Will Jason's gold 1999
YA FICTION HORVATH Horvath, Polly The canning season 2003
YA FICTION JARVIS Jarvis, Robin The dark portal 2000
YA FICTION JONES Jones, Diana Wynne Archer's goon 1984
YA FICTION JONES Jones, Diana Wynne Howl's moving castle 1986
YA FICTION LAWRENCE Lawrence, Iain The wreckers 1998
YA FICTION LEGUIN Le Guin, Ursula K. A wizard of Earthsea 1991
YA FICTION MCCAUGHREAN McCaughrean, Geraldine The pirate's son 1998
YA FICTION O'DELL O'Dell, Scott Sarah Bishop 1980
YA FICTION PAOLINI Paolini, Christopher Eragon 2003
YA FICTION PECK Peck, Richard The river between us 2003
YA FICTION WOLFF Wolff, Virginia Euwer Bat 6 1998
YA FICTION YEE Yee, Lisa Millicent Min, girl genius 2003