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Children's Reading List
May 2011

Good books for Grades 3 & 4

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
AWARD NEWBERY FLEISCHMAN Fleischman, Sid The whipping boy 1986
AWARD NEWBERY MACLACHLAN MacLachlan, Patricia Sarah, plain and tall 1985
JFICTION ABBOTT Abbott, Tony The hidden stairs and the magic carpet 1999
JFICTION AHLBERG Ahlberg, Allan The giant baby 1994
JFICTION ALEXANDER Alexander, Lloyd Time cat 1985
JFICTION ATWATER Atwater, Richard Mr. Popper's penguins 1948
JFICTION AUCH Auch, Mary Jane I was a third grade spy 2001
JFICTION BLUME Blume, Judy Tales of a fourth grade nothing 1972
JFICTION BOND Bond, Michael A bear called Paddington 1960
JFICTION BRUEL Bruel, Nick Bad Kitty vs. Uncle Murray 2010
JFICTION BUTTERWORTH Butterworth, Oliver The enormous egg 1956
JFICTION CAMERON Cameron, Eleanor The wonderful flight to the Mushroom Planet 1954
JFICTION CATLING Catling, Patrick Skene The Chocolate touch 1979
JFICTION CLEARY Cleary, Beverly Muggie Maggie 1990
JFICTION CLEARY Cleary, Beverly Ramona the pest 1968
JFICTION CLEARY Cleary, Beverly The mouse and the motorcycle 1965
JFICTION CLEMENTS Clements, Andrew Jake Drake, class clown 2002
JFICTION CLEMENTS Clements, Andrew No talking 2007
JFICTION DAHL Dahl, Roald Fantastic Mr. Fox 1988
JFICTION DITERLIZZI DiTerlizzi, Tony Kenny & the dragon 2008
JFICTION FUNKE Funke, Cornelia Caroline Ghosthunters and the Incredibly Revolting Ghost 2006
JFICTION GARDINER Gardiner, John Reynolds Stone Fox 1983
JFICTION GIFFORD Gifford, Peggy Elizabeth Moxy Maxwell does not love Stuart Little 2007
JFICTION GILSON Gilson, Jamie Thirteen ways to sink a sub 1982
JFICTION HANSON Hanson, Mary Elizabeth How to save your tail : if you are a rat nabbed by cats who really like stories about magic spoons, wolves with snout-warts, big hairy chimney trolls-- and cookies too 2007
JFICTION HOWE Howe, Deborah Bunnicula : a rabbit tale of mystery 1979
JFICTION HURWITZ Hurwitz, Johanna Class clown 1987
JFICTION HURWITZ Hurwitz, Johanna The adventures of Ali Baba Bernstein 1985
JFICTION JENKINS Jenkins, Emily Toys go out : being the adventures of a knowledgeable Stingray, a toughy little Buffalo, and someone called Plastic 2006
JFICTION KING-SMITH King-Smith, Dick Babe : the gallant pig 1985
JFICTION KLIMO Klimo, Kate The dragon in the sock drawer 2008
JFICTION LAWLOR Lawlor, Laurie How to survive third grade 1988
JFICTION LAWSON Lawson, Robert Ben and me : a new and astonishing life of Benjamin Franklin as written by his good mouse Amos 1988
JFICTION LETHCOE Lethcoe, Jason You wish 2007
JFICTION LINDGREN Lindgren, Astrid Pippi Longstocking 1950
JFICTION LOWRY Lowry, Lois Attaboy, Sam! 1992
JFICTION MACDONALD MacDonald, Betty Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle 1985
JFICTION MANES Manes, Stephen Chocolate-covered ants 1990
JFICTION MCDONALD McDonald, Megan Judy Moody 2000
JFICTION MCDONALD McDonald, Megan Judy Moody, girl detective 2010
JFICTION MILLS Mills, Claudia Being Teddy Roosevelt 2007
JFICTION MORRIS Morris, Gerald The adventures of Sir Lancelot the Great 2008
JFICTION NAPOLI Napoli, Donna Jo Soccer shock 1991
JFICTION NIMMO Nimmo, Jenny Midnight for Charlie Bone 2003
JFICTION PARK Park, Barbara Skinnybones 1982
JFICTION PENNYPACKER Pennypacker, Sara Clementine 2006
JFICTION PENNYPACKER Pennypacker, Sara Clementine, Friend of the Week 2010
JFICTION PINKWATER Pinkwater, Daniel Manus Mush, a dog from space 1995
JFICTION ROCKWELL Rockwell, Thomas How to eat fried worms 1979
JFICTION SACHAR Sachar, Louis Wayside School is falling down 1989
JFICTION SAGE Sage, Angie My haunted house 2006
JFICTION SCHLITZ Schlitz, Laura Amy The night fairy 2010
JFICTION SMALL Small, Charlie Gorilla city : [the first amazing, astonishing, incredible and true adventures of me! (Charlie Small)]. 2008
JFICTION SMITH Smith, Robert Kimmel Chocolate fever 1989
JFICTION STEWART Stewart, Paul Hugo Pepper 2007
JFICTION STOLZ Stolz, Mary Cat walk 1983
JFICTION STOLZ Stolz, Mary The scarecrows and their child 1987
JFICTION VOIGT Voigt, Cynthia Young Fredle 2011
JFICTION WALLACE Wallace, Bill Snot stew 1989
JFICTION WARNER Warner, Gertrude Chandler The Boxcar children 2002