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Children's Reading List
January 2010

Community Helpers - Doctors and Nurses

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
610 HOE Hoena, B. A. The doctor's office 2004
610.69 ADA Adamson, Heather A day in the life of a doctor 2004
610.69 BOW Bowman-Kruhm, Mary A day in the life of a doctor 1997
610.69 MOS Moses, Amy Doctors help people 1997
610.69 REA Ready, Dee Doctors 1997
610.73 BUR Burby, Liza N. A day in the life of a nurse 1999
610.73 FLU Fluet, Connie A day in the life of a nurse 2005
610.73 JAM James, Robert Nurses : people who care for our health 1995
610.78 REA Ready, Dee Nurses 1997
610.92 SMI Smith, Ian Going to the doctor 2004
EARLY READER LOCK Lock, Deborah A trip to the doctor 2005
PICTURE BOOK BARNEY Larsen, Margie Barney. Let's go visit the doctor 2008
PICTURE BOOK BEATY Beaty, Andrea Doctor Ted 2008
PICTURE BOOK BLUES Reber, Deborah Magenta gets glasses! 2002
PICTURE BOOK COUSINS Cousins, Lucy Doctor Maisy 2001
PICTURE BOOK HOBAN Hoban, Russell Jim's lion 2001
PICTURE BOOK INNS Inns, Christopher Help! 2004
PICTURE BOOK LIEBMAN Liebman, Daniel I want to be a doctor 2000
PICTURE BOOK LLOYD Lloyd, Sam Doctor Meow's big emergency 2008
PICTURE BOOK POOH Zoehfeld, Kathleen Pooh gets a checkup 2001
PICTURE BOOK POOH Zoehfeld, Kathleen Pooh plays doctor 1997
PICTURE BOOK SMEE Smee, Nicola Freddie visits the doctor 1999
PICTURE BOOK WELLS Wells, Rosemary Felix feels better 2001