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Children's Reading List
May 2013

Dig Into Reading: Picture Books

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
BOOK/CD SCHACHNER Schachner, Judith Byron Skippyjon Jones and the big bones 2007
EARLY READER DEAN Dean, James Pete at the beach 2013
EARLY READER MEISEL Meisel, Paul See me dig 2013
EARLY READER PERKINS Perkins, Al The digging-est dog 1967
EARLY READER SUEN Suen, Anastasia We're Going on a Dinosaur Dig 2012
PICTURE BOOK AYRES Ayres, Katherine Up, down & around 2007
PICTURE BOOK BARTON Barton, Byron Bones, bones, dinosaur bones 1990
PICTURE BOOK BERENSTAIN Berenstain, Jan The Berenstain Bears' dinosaur dig 2012
PICTURE BOOK BLOOM Bloom, Suzanne Treasure 2007
PICTURE BOOK BROWN Brown, Margaret Wise The diggers 1995
PICTURE BOOK BROWN Brown, Peter The curious garden 2009
PICTURE BOOK CASEY Casey, Tina The underground gators 2009
PICTURE BOOK CHERRY Cherry, Lynne How Groundhog's garden grew 2003
PICTURE BOOK CRONIN Cronin, Doreen Diary of a worm 2003
PICTURE BOOK DALE Dale, Penny Dinosaur dig 2011
PICTURE BOOK DAVIS Davis, Aubrey The enormous potato 1998
PICTURE BOOK DUNREA Dunrea, Olivier Deep down underground 1993
PICTURE BOOK FLEMING Fleming, Denise Underground 2012
PICTURE BOOK FRENCH French, Jackie Diary of a baby wombat 2010
PICTURE BOOK FRENCH French, Jackie Diary of a wombat 2003
PICTURE BOOK FRENCH French, Vivian Yucky worms 2010
PICTURE BOOK GARCIA Garcia, Emma Tip tip dig dig 2007
PICTURE BOOK GAY Gay, Marie-Louise Roslyn Rutabaga and the biggest hole on earth 2010
PICTURE BOOK GOODWIN-STURGES Goodwin-Sturges, Judy Sue Construction Kitties 2013
PICTURE BOOK HOBAN Hoban, Tana Dig, drill, dump, fill 1975
PICTURE BOOK HORVATH Horvath, James Dig, dogs, dig : a construction tail 2013
PICTURE BOOK HOURAN Houran, Lori Haskins Dig those dinosaurs 2013
PICTURE BOOK HURST Hurst, Carol Otis Rocks in his head 2001
PICTURE BOOK KRAUSS Krauss, Ruth A hole is to dig : a first book of first definitions 1992
PICTURE BOOK LEWIS Lewis, Kevin My truck is stuck 2002
PICTURE BOOK MAYO Mayo, Margaret Dig dig digging 2002
PICTURE BOOK MCMULLAN McMullan, Kate I'm dirty! 2006
PICTURE BOOK MORGAN Morgan, Angie Daisy's big dig 2013
PICTURE BOOK REYNOLDS Reynolds, Aaron Creepy carrots! 2012
PICTURE BOOK SAYRE Sayre, April Pulley Ant, ant, ant! : an insect chant 2005
PICTURE BOOK SAYRE Sayre, April Pulley Dig, wait, listen : a desert toad's tale 2001
PICTURE BOOK SAYRES Sayres, Brianna Caplan Where do diggers sleep at night? 2012
PICTURE BOOK SOBEL Sobel, June B is for bulldozer : a construction ABC 2003
PICTURE BOOK VAN ALLSBURG Van Allsburg, Chris Two bad ants 1988
PICTURE BOOK WILSON Wilson, Karma Hogwash 2011
PICTURE BOOK YACCARINO Yaccarino, Dan Lawn to lawn 2010
PICTURE BOOK ZIMMERMAN Zimmerman, Andrea Griffing Dig! 2004
PICTURE BOOK ZIMMERMAN Zimmerman, Andrea Griffing Digger man 2003
PICTURE BOOK ZION Zion, Gene Harry, the dirty dog 1956