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Children's Reading List
May 2013

Dig Into Reading: Non-Fiction

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
J363.119 SCOTT Scott, Elaine Buried alive! : how 33 miners survived 69 days deep under the Chilean desert 2012
J363.728 ALBEE Albee, Sarah Poop happened! : a history of the world from the bottom up 2010
J398.2 STE Stevens, Janet Tops & bottoms 1994
J551.11 MCNULTY McNulty, Faith How to dig a hole to the other side of the world 1979
J551.447 LINDOP Lindop, Laurie Cave sleuths 2006
J560 FOSSILS Fossils, uncovering the past 2012
J560 LARSON Larson, Peter L. Bones rock! : everything you need to know to be a paleontologist 2004
J560 MCGOWAN McGowan, Christopher Dinosaur discovery : everything you need to be a paleontologist 2011
J567.9 ALIKI Aliki Digging up dinosaurs 1981
J567.9 GRAY Gray, Susan Heinrichs Dinosaur dig! 2007
J567.9 MCGOWAN McGowan, Christopher Make your own dinosaur out of chicken bones : foolproof instructions for budding paleontologists 1997
J567.9 RIPLEY Ripley, Esther The big dinosaur dig 2003
J567.909 RAY Ray, Deborah Kogan Dinosaur mountain : digging into the Jurassic Age 2010
J567.91 ALIKI Aliki Dinosaur bones 1988
J567.91 LASKY Lasky, Kathryn Dinosaur dig 1990
J577.584 ROSENBERG Rosenberg, Pam Ack! icky, sticky, gross stuff underground 2007
J592.64 PFEFFER Pfeffer, Wendy Wiggling worms at work 2003
J609.32 SOLODKY Solodky, M. The technology of ancient Egypt 2006
J614.17 WALKER Walker, Sally M. Written in bone : buried lives of Jamestown and Colonial Maryland 2009
J622.023 TIECK Tieck, Sarah Miners 2012
J624 STONE Stone, Tanya Lee America's top 10 construction wonders 1998
J624.1 WHITEHOUSE Whitehouse, Patricia Dig and dump 2007
J624.19 VANDERWARKER Vanderwarker, Peter The Big Dig : reshaping an American city 2001
J635 GIBBONS Gibbons, Gail The vegetables we eat 2007
J811 LEW Lewis, J. Patrick Please bury me in the library 2005
J811 SHA Shannon, George Busy in the garden 2006
J811.6 WEINSTOCK Weinstock, Robert Can you dig it? : and other poems 2010
J930.1 BARNES Barnes, Trevor Archaeology 2004
J930.102 CERULLO Cerullo, Mary M. Shipwrecks : exploring sunken cities beneath the sea 2009
J931 O'CONNOR O'Connor, Jane The emperor's silent army : terracotta warriors of Ancient China 2002
J932 HAWASS Hawass, Zahi A. Curse of the pharaohs : my adventures with mummies 2004
J932 LOGAN Logan, Claudia The 5,000-year-old puzzle : solving a mystery of ancient Egypt 2002
J932.012 WEITZMAN Weitzman, David Pharaoh's boat 2009
J936.231 ARONSON Aronson, Marc If stones could speak : unlocking the secrets of Stonehenge 2010
J937.725 SAMUEL Samuel, Charlie Solving the mysteries of Pompeii 2009
J939.21 RUBALCABA Rubalcaba, Jill Digging for Troy : from Homer to Hisarlik 2011
J944.72 MCCULLY McCully, Emily Arnold The secret cave : discovering Lascaux 2010
J978.9004 CROY Croy, Anita National Geographic investigates ancient Pueblo : archeology unlocks the secrets of America's past 2007
JBIOGRAPHY SCHLIEMANN Schlitz, Laura Amy The hero Schliemann : the dreamer who dug for Troy 2006