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Children's Reading List
January 2010

Community Helpers - Dentist

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
617.6 ADA Adamson, Heather A day in the life of a dentist 2004
617.6 GOR Gorman, Jacqueline Dentist 2002
617.6 HEW Hewitt, Sally Going to the dentist 2004
617.6 JOH Johnston, Marianne Let's talk about going to the dentist 1997
617.6 REA Ready, Dee Dentists 1998
617.6 SCH Schuh, Mari C. At the dentist 2008
617.6 SWA Swanson, Diane The dentist & you 2002
617.6 THO Thomas, Pat Do I have to go to the dentist? : a first look at healthy teeth 2008
617.601 GOU Goulding, Sylvia Taking care of your teeth 2005
EARLY READER SCHAEFER Schaefer, Lola M. We need dentists 2000
EARLY READER SMITH Smith, Penny A trip to the dentist 2006
EARLY READER ZIEFERT Ziefert, Harriet Harry gets ready for school 1991
PICTURE BOOK BERENSTAIN Berenstain, Stan The Berenstain bears visit the dentist 1981
PICTURE BOOK BLUES Schwanda, J. C. Green Puppy goes to the dentist 2008
PICTURE BOOK DORA Ricci, Christine Show me your smile! : a visit to the dentist 2005
PICTURE BOOK MAYER Mayer, Mercer Just going to the dentist 1990
PICTURE BOOK SESAME Shaw, P. J. Elmo visits the dentist 2007
PICTURE BOOK STEIG Steig, William Doctor De Soto 1982
PICTURE BOOK STEIG Steig, William Doctor De Soto goes to Africa 1992
PICTURE BOOK THALER Thaler, Mike The dentist from the black lagoon 2008
PICTURE BOOK WHYBROW Whybrow, Ian Harry and the dinosaurs say "Raahh!" 2004