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Children's Reading List

Coping with Death

 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
J155.937 BROWN Brown, Laurene Krasny When dinosaurs die : a guide to understanding death 1996
J155.937 GREENLEE Greenlee, Sharon When someone dies 1992
J155.937 JOHNSTON Johnston, Marianne Let's talk about when your pet dies 1997
J155.937 LEVETE Levete, Sarah When people die 1998
J155.937 MUNDY Mundy, Michaelene Sad isn't bad : a good-grief guidebook for kids dealing with loss 1998
J155.937 ROMAIN Romain, Trevor What on earth do you do when someone dies? 1999
J155.937 SILVERMAN Silverman, Janis L. Help me say goodbye : activities for helping kids cope when a special person dies 1999
J155.937 THOMAS Thomas, Pat I miss you : a first look at death 2001
J155.937 WEITZMAN Weitzman, Elizabeth Let's talk about when a parent dies 1996
J236.24 BURPO Burpo, Todd Heaven is for real for kids 2011
J306.9 EDWARDS Edwards, Nicola Saying goodbye to .. a brother or sister 2003
J306.9 EDWARDS Edwards, Nicola Saying goodbye to--a grandparent 2003
J306.9 MELLONIE Mellonie, Bryan Lifetimes : a beautiful way to explain death to children 1983
J306.9 TURNER Turner, Tracey Dreadful fates : what a shocking way to go! 2010
J616.9 COERR Coerr, Eleanor Sadako 1993
JDVD 155.937 ROM Romain, Trevor What on earth do you do when someone dies? [videorecording]. 2005
PICTURE BOOK BLEY Bley, Anette And what comes after a thousand? 2007
PICTURE BOOK BROWN Brown, Margaret Wise The dead bird 2016
PICTURE BOOK BUSCAGLIA Buscaglia, Leo F. The fall of Freddie the leaf : a story of life for all ages 1982
PICTURE BOOK CLIFTON Clifton, Lucille Everett Anderson's goodbye 1983
PICTURE BOOK COOPER Cooper, Elisha Big cat, little cat 2017
PICTURE BOOK COVEY Covey, Sean Goob and his grandpa 2013
PICTURE BOOK GRAVDAHL Gravdahl, John The tale of dog Giovanni 2001
PICTURE BOOK HANSON Hanson, Warren The next place 1999
PICTURE BOOK HEYMANS Heymans, Annemie The princess in the kitchen garden 1993
PICTURE BOOK HOLE Hole, Stian, Anna's heaven 2014
PICTURE BOOK HUGHES Hughes, Shirley Alfie and the birthday surprise 1997
PICTURE BOOK HUNECK Huneck, Stephen Sally goes to heaven 2014
PICTURE BOOK LONDON London, Jonathan Liplap's wish 1994
PICTURE BOOK MILLS Mills, Joyce C. Gentle Willow : a story for children about dying 2004
PICTURE BOOK RASCHKA Raschka, Christopher The purple balloon 2007
PICTURE BOOK RINGTVED Ringtved, Glenn Cry, heart, but never break 2016
PICTURE BOOK SHRIVER Shriver, Maria What's heaven? 1999
PICTURE BOOK SPELMAN Spelman, Cornelia After Charlotte's mom died 1996
PICTURE BOOK VARLEY Varley, Susan Badger's parting gifts 1984
PICTURE BOOK VIORST Viorst, Judith The tenth good thing about Barney. Illustrated by Erik Blegvad. 1971
PICTURE BOOK WILD Wild, Margaret Harry & Hopper 2011
PICTURE BOOK WOOD Wood, Douglas Grandad's prayers of the earth 1999
PICTURE BOOK WOODSON Woodson, Jacqueline Sweet, sweet memory 2000