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Children's Reading List
May 2008

Picture Books about Bugs

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
J398.2 DEE Deedy, Carmen Agra Martina, the beautiful cockroach : a Cuban folktale 2007
PICTURE BOOK ALLEN Allen, Judy Are you a butterfly? 2000
PICTURE BOOK ARAKI Araki, Mie Kitten's big adventure 2005
PICTURE BOOK BIEDRZYCKI Biedrzycki, David Ace Lacewing, Bug Detective 2005
PICTURE BOOK BONOTAUX Bonotaux, Gilles Dirty rotten bugs? : arthropods unite to tell their side of the story 2007
PICTURE BOOK CAIN Cain, Sheridan The crunching munching caterpillar 2003
PICTURE BOOK CANNON Cannon, Janell Crickwing 2000
PICTURE BOOK CARLE Carle, Eric The grouchy ladybug 1986
PICTURE BOOK CARLE Carle, Eric The very busy spider 1984
PICTURE BOOK CHAPMAN Chapman, Keith Itsy Bitsy Spider 2006
PICTURE BOOK CRONIN Cronin, Doreen Diary of a fly 2007
PICTURE BOOK CRONIN Cronin, Doreen Diary of a spider 2005
PICTURE BOOK CRONIN Cronin, Doreen Diary of a worm 2003
PICTURE BOOK DRACHMAN Drachman, Eric Leo the lightning bug 2001
PICTURE BOOK DURANGO Durango, Julia Pest fest 2007
PICTURE BOOK EDWARDS Edwards, Pamela D. Clara Caterpillar 2001
PICTURE BOOK EGIELSKI Egielski, Richard Buz 1995
PICTURE BOOK EGIELSKI Egielski, Richard Jazper 1998
PICTURE BOOK EHLERT Ehlert, Lois Waiting for wings 2001
PICTURE BOOK EVANS Evans, Cambria Martha moth makes socks 2006
PICTURE BOOK FOLEY Foley, Greg E. Don't worry Bear 2008
PICTURE BOOK FREEMAN Freeman, Don Manuelo the playing mantis 2004
PICTURE BOOK GLASER Glaser, Linda Dazzling dragonflies : a life cycle story 2008
PICTURE BOOK GRAN Gran, Julia Big bug surprise 2007
PICTURE BOOK HEPWORTH Hepworth, Catherine Bug off! : a swarm of insect words 1998
PICTURE BOOK HOOSE Hoose, Phillip M. Hey little ant 1998
PICTURE BOOK HOWITT Howitt, Mary B. The spider and the fly 2002
PICTURE BOOK JARRETT Jarrett, Clare Arabella Miller's tiny caterpillar 2008
PICTURE BOOK JOYCE Joyce, William The Leaf Men and the brave good bugs 1996
PICTURE BOOK KIRK Kirk, David Miss Spider's tea party 1994
PICTURE BOOK MADISON Madison, Alan Velma Gratch & the way cool butterfly 2007
PICTURE BOOK MARTIN Martin, Bill The little squeegy bug 2001
PICTURE BOOK MCDONALD McDonald, Megan Beetle McGrady eats bugs! 2005
PICTURE BOOK MONKS Monks, Lydia Aaaarrgghh! spider! 2004
PICTURE BOOK NEWGARDEN Newgarden, Mark Bow-Wow bugs a bug 2007
PICTURE BOOK NICKLE Nickle, John The ant bully 1999
PICTURE BOOK OMALLEY O'Malley, Kevin Little Buggy runs away 2003
PICTURE BOOK PALATINI Palatini, Margie The perfect pet 2003
PICTURE BOOK PALLOTTA Pallotta, Jerry The icky bug counting book 1992
PICTURE BOOK PETERS Peters, Lisa W. Sleepyhead bear 2006
PICTURE BOOK PINCZES Pinczes, Elinor J. One hundred hungry ants 1993
PICTURE BOOK PRINCE Prince, Joshua I saw an ant in the parking lot 2007
PICTURE BOOK PRINCE Prince, Joshua I saw an ant on the railroad track 2006
PICTURE BOOK RIVA Riva, Renee Izzy the lizzy 2005
PICTURE BOOK SHIELDS Shields, Carol Diggory The bugliest bug 2002
PICTURE BOOK SMALLMAN Smallman, Steve The very greedy bee 2007
PICTURE BOOK STURGES Sturges, Philemon I love bugs! 2005
PICTURE BOOK WALSH Walsh, Ellen Stoll Dot & Jabber and the big bug mystery 2003
PICTURE BOOK WILSON Wilson, Karma A frog in the bog 2003