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Children's Reading List

American Revolution - Historical Fiction

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
AWARD NEWBERY FORBES Forbes, Esther Johnny Tremain : a novel for old & young 1943
EARLY CHAPTER OSBORNE Osborne, Mary Pope Revolutionary war on Wednesday 2000
EARLY CHAPTER SARGENT Sargent, Dave Dan 2001
EARLY READER BENCHLEY Benchley, Nathaniel George, the drummer boy 1977
EARLY READER RAPPAPORT Rappaport, Doreen The Boston coffee party 1990
EARLY READER WALKER Walker, Sally M. The 18 penny goose 1998
JFICTION ALBRECHT Albrecht, Lillie The grist mill secret 1962
JFICTION AMERICAN GIRL FELICITY Tripp, Valerie Meet Felicity : an American girl : 1774 2000
JFICTION AMERICAN GIRL MYSTERY Jones, Elizabeth McDavid Peril at King's Creek : a Felicity mystery 2006
JFICTION AMERICAN GIRL MYSTERY Jones, Elizabeth McDavid Traitor in Williamsburg : a Felicity mystery 2008
JFICTION AVI Avi Sophia's war : a tale of the Revolution 2012
JFICTION AVI Avi The fighting ground 1984
JFICTION BERLETH Berleth, Richard J. Samuel's choice 1990
JFICTION BRADY Brady, Esther Wood Toliver's secret 1993
JFICTION CALKHOVEN Calkhoven, Laurie Daniel at the Siege of Boston, 1776 2010
JFICTION DEAR AMERICA Gregory, Kristiana Cannons at dawn : the second diary of Abigail Jane Stewart 2011
JFICTION DEAR AMERICA Gregory, Kristiana The winter of red snow : the Revolutionary War diary of Abigail Jane Stewart 1996
JFICTION DEAR AMERICA Turner, Ann Warren Love thy neighbor : the Tory diary of Prudence Emerson 2003
JFICTION DURRANT Durrant, Lynda Betsy Zane, the rose of Fort Henry 2000
JFICTION EDWARDS Edwards, Sally George Midgett's war 1985
JFICTION GRIFFIN Griffin, Judith Berry Phoebe the spy 1977
JFICTION JENSEN Jensen, Dorothea The riddle of Penncroft Farm 1989
JFICTION KEEHN Keehn, Sally M. Moon of two dark horses 1995
JFICTION LAWRENCE Lawrence, Isabelle A spy in Williamsburg 1955
JFICTION LAWSON Lawson, Robert Ben and me : a new and astonishing life of Benjamin Franklin as written by his good mouse Amos 1988
JFICTION MY AMERICA Gregory, Kristiana Five smooth stones 2001
JFICTION MY AMERICA Gregory, Kristiana We are patriots 2002
JFICTION MY AMERICA Gregory, Kristiana When freedom comes 2004
JFICTION MY NAME AMERICA Denenberg, Barry The journal of William Thomas Emerson, a Revolutionary War patriot 1998
JFICTION REIT Reit, Seymour Guns for General Washington : a story of the American Revolution 1990
JFICTION TREASURED HORSES Felder, Deborah G. Ride of courage 1999
JFICTION WOODRUFF Woodruff, Elvira George Washington's socks 1991