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Check out new arrivalsLITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE by Celeste Ng. Fighting an ugly custody battle with an artistic tenant who has little regard for the strict rules of their progressive Cleveland suburb, a straitlaced woman seeking to adopt a baby becomes obsessed with exposing the tenant's past, only to trigger devastating consequences for both families.

GIRL, WASH YOUR FACE by Rachel Hollis. Drawing from her life experiences as a lifestyle guru, the author presents a guide to becoming a joyous, confident woman by breaking the cycle of negativity and burnout and pursuing a life of exuberance.

THE HATE U GIVE by Angie Thomas. After witnessing her friend's death at the hands of a police officer, Starr Carter's life is complicated when the police and a local drug lord try to intimidate her in an effort to learn what happened the night her friend died.

THE GATES OF EDEN by Nadene LeCheminant. A young woman leaves the slums and poverty of 1850's Liverpool, England to join Mormon handcart pioneers in a journey over the Rocky Mountains to a settlement in the Utah Territory where she is pressed into a polygamous marriage with a man four times her age.

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Check Out Something New
Check out something newWE WERE THE LUCKY ONES by Georgia Hunter. Debut author Hunter excavates the remarkable history of her own family, following the journeys of a Polish Jewish family during the Holocaust.

THE WAR THAT SAVED MY LIFE by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley. A young disabled girl and her brother are evacuated from London to the English countryside during World War II, where they find life to be much sweeter away from their abusive mother.

ELEVATION by Stephen King. The latest from master storyteller King is a riveting, extraordinarily eerie story about a man whose mysterious affliction brings a small town together.

THE ALICE NETWORK by Kate Quinn. By 1947 Charlie St. Clair is desperate to find out what happened to her cousin Rose, who disappeared in Nazi-occupied France. Her only lead is Eve Gardiner, a retired spy, who has her own private reasons for helping Charlie. Inspired by a real-life World War I intelligence network.
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KINDLE BOOK CLUB KITS. The library now has ebooks on Kindle for book clubs acquired with grant funds. Each kit contains five Kindles that check out for six weeks. Check availability on our Book Club Reservation Calendar!

Book Club Kit #1 contains: Book Club Kit #2 contains:

STILL AlICE by Lisa Genova.
Alice Howland, a 50-year old Harvard professor, deals with early onset Alzheimer's disease.

BAN THIS BOOK by Alan Gratz.
A favorite of Library Director Karen Clark, this middle-grade read follows a fourth-grader's fight against censorship when her favorite book is banned from the school library.

A teenage boy in 1940s Italy is part of an underground railroad helping Jews escape through the Alps when he is forced by his parents to enlist as a German soldier for his own protection.

The story of Count Alexander Rostov, who in 1922 is sentenced by the Bolshevik Tribunal to house arrest in The Metropol, a grand hotel across the street from the Kremlin.
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The Whitshanks are one of those families that radiate an indefinable kind of specialness, but like all families, their stories reveal only part of the picture. Tyler illuminates four generations of lives unfolding in and around the sprawling, lovingly worn Baltimore house that has always been their anchor --a family thrown into disarray by illness and sudden tragedy.

HOUSE RULES by Jodi Picoult.
Jacob Hunt is a teenage boy with Asperger's syndrome. Like many kids with AS, Jacob has a special focus on one subject--in his case, forensic analysis. He's always showing up at crime scenes and telling the cops what they need to do...and he's usually right. When his town is rocked by a terrible murder and, the police come to Jacob with questions, he and his family feel the spotlight shining directly on them. Did Jacob commit murder?

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN: The True Story of a Real Fake by Frank Abagnale.
Frank W. Abagnale, alias Frank Williams, Robert Conrad, Frank Adams, and Robert Monjo, was one of the most daring con men, forgers, imposters, and escape artists in history--until the law caught up with him.

PIONEER WOMAN: Black Heels to Tractor Wheelsa love story by Ree Drummond.
The popular blogger and author of "The Pioneer Woman Cooks" traces the story of her marriage to a quintessential Oklahoma cowboy while sharing moments about her transition from a frivolous twenty-something to a ranch wife and mother.
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New donations to our book club collection:
OPTION B: Facing adversity, building resilience and finding joy by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant.
Sheryl Sandberg, author and Facebook Chief Operating Officer, shares the account of coping with her husband's unexpected death at age 48. She explores not only what she's learned about resilience but what others have gone through in order to find joy and strength. The book club set was donated in memory of a sister of one of the members.

Set in 17th century Holland and inspired by Vermeer's painting of the same name, Chevalier creates an elegant and intriguing story of how a young peasant girl came to have her portrait painted. This book set was donated by a book club in memory of a member who passed away. The same book club also donated WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ!

A YEAR DOWN YONDER by Richard Peck.
In this sequel to A LONG WAY FROM CHICAGO, fifteen-year-old Mary Alice is sent to live with her feisty, larger-than-life grandmother in rural Illinois during the Depression of 1937 and comes to a better understanding of this fearsome woman. This book club set was donated by a book club that loves the library and our book club service!

Recent purchases: HIDDEN FIGURES by Lee Shatterley; THE DISTANT HOURS by Kate Morton; SISTERS IN LAW by Linda Hirschman; ENCHANTED APRIL by Elizabeth von Arnim; TALKING WITH GOD by Robert Millet.

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Recent Additions
A MAN CALLED OVE by Fredrick Backman. At 59, Ove is a grumble Gus of the first degree. Rules are made to be followed, signs are meant to be obeyed, and don't even get him started on computers and cell phones. Ove has been this way his whole life, but he's gotten worse in the last four years since his wife, Sonia, died, taking with her all the color in a world Ove sees as black-and-white. Ove has decided life without Sonia is not worth living and plans to join her in the next world, but his plans change when a young couple moves in next door. A charming, thoughtful reflection on life and love.

THE NIGHTINGALE by Kristin Hannah. French sisters Vianne and Isabelle are reunited when one sister's husband is sent to fight in World War II and find their bond as well as their respective beliefs tested by a world that changes in horrific ways. A story that ably depicts the horror of war through the eyes of two women, whose strength of character shines through no matter their differences.

COLD SASSY TREE by Olive Burns. One thing that one can depend on in Cold Sassy, Georgia, is that word gets around fast. On July 5, 1906, things take a scandalous turn. That is the day that E. Rucker Blakeslee, proprietor of the general store and barely three weeks a widower, elopes with Miss Love Simpson, a woman half his age and, worse yet, a Yankee! On that day, fourteen-year-old Will Tweedy's adventures begin, and an unimpeachably pious town comes to life. A tender, humorous and wise coming-of-age story.
Posted By Logan Library - Book Club Kits on Wednesday, 16 November 2016 at 4:52 PM in Category:Featured Titles

HOW WE GOT TO NOW: SIX INNOVATIONS THAT MADE THE MODERN WORLD by Steven Johnson. Johnson explores the history of innovation over centuries, tracing facets of modern life (refrigeration, clocks, and eyeglass lenses, to name a few) from their creation by hobbyists, amateurs, and entrepreneurs to their unintended historical consequences. Filled with surprising stories of accidental genius and brilliant mistakes, the secret history behind everyday objects of contemporary life is investigated. 2016 USU Community Literature Experience Selection.

LITTLE BRITCHES: FATHER AND I WERE RANCHERS by Ralph Moody. Ralph Moody was eight years old in 1906 when his family moved to a Colorado ranch. Through his eyes we experience the pleasures and perils of ranching there at the dawn of the century. Auctions and roundups, family picnics, irrigation wars, tornadoes, and windstorms provide authentic color. So do adventures, wonderfully told, that prepare Ralph to take his father's place as man of the family.

THE SECRET GARDEN by Frances Hodgson Burnett. First published in its entirety in 1911, The Secret Garden is a children's literature classic, the story of rebirth as a result of the power of love. Mary Lennox, a 10-year-old girl who lives in India with her English parents is terribly neglected by them, causing her to become sickly, unpleasant, and demanding. When her parents die in a cholera epidemic, Mary is sent to live with her uncle in Yorkshire, England. It is here the magical miracle of transformation begins.

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THE COLOR PURPLE by Alice Walker. The Color Purple is a 1982 epistolary novel, winner of the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the National Book Award for Fiction. It was later adapted into a film and musical of the same name. Taking place mostly in rural Georgia, the story focuses on the life of women of color in the southern United States in the 1930s, addressing numerous issues including their exceedingly low position in American social culture. The novel has been the frequent target of censors because of the sometimes explicit content, particularly in terms of violence.

A FATAL GRACE by Louise Penny. In this long-running mystery series, Chief Inspector Armand Gamache of the Sûreté du Québec digs beneath the idyllic surface of village life in Three Pines, finding long buried secrets and facing a few of his own ghosts. Penny has won the New Blood Dagger as well as multiple Agatha, Anthony, Dilys, Arthur Ellis, and other prestigious awards for these intriguing, character-driven mysteries.

WHISTLING PAST THE GRAVEYARD by Susan Crandall. The summer of 1963 starts like any other for nine-year-old Starla Claudelle. Born to teenage parents in Mississippi, Starla is being raised by a strict paternal grandmother, whose worst fear is that Starla will turn out like her mother. Starla hasn't seen her momma since she was three when she left for Nashville and a singing career. When Starla decides to run away to find her momma, the adventure begins.
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The library happily accepts donations to purchase book club kits of your choice in honor of friends or relatives. Contact the Book Club Librarian for information at 435-716-9012. Check out these kits purchased with generous donations. We love our book club readers!

BIG STONE GAP by Ariana Trigiani. Ave Maria Mulligan is the town of Big Stone Gap's self-proclaimed spinster, a thirty-five-year-old pharmacist with a "mountain girl's body and a flat behind." She lives an amiable life with good friends and lots of hobbies until the fateful day in 1978 when she suddenly discovers that she's not who she always thought she was.

CROCODILE ON THE SANDBANK by Elizabeth Peters. Set in 1884, this is the first installment in what has become a beloved bestselling series. At thirty-two, strong-willed Amelia Peabody, a self-proclaimed spinster, decides to use her ample inheritance to indulge her passion, Egyptology. Her travels to Egypt result in encounters with mysteries, missing mummies, and the handsome Radcliffe Emerson.

SHEPHERDS ABIDING by Jan Karon. Millions of Americans have found Mitford to be a favorite home-away-from-home, and countless readers have long wondered what Christmas in Mitford would be like. The eighth Mitford novel provides a glimpse, offering a meditation on the best of all presents: the gift of one's heart.

UNSELFISH: Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Selfie by Paul D. Parkinson. Selfies are taking over the internet. Selfish behavior seems to be at an all-time high. But there are people who do Unselfish things every day. This book celebrates just a few of the unsung stories of regular people and celebrities alike going against the grain and helping their fellow man.
Posted By Logan Library - Book Club Kits on Friday, 20 November 2015 at 3:36 PM in Category:Books & Reading

INVENTION OF WINGS by Sue Monk Kidd. This richly imagined, unsentimental narrative traces more than three decades in the lives of a wealthy Charleston debutante who longs to break free from the strictures of her household and pursue a meaningful life; and the urban slave, Handful, who is placed in her charge as a child before finding courage and a sense of self. Inspired by the true story of early-nineteenth-century abolitionist and suffragist Sarah Grimké.

THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. Abandoned as an infant, Victoria grows up as a ward of the California foster-care system and is labeled unadoptable. She lands a job with a florist and uses her knowledge of the hidden meaning of flowers to gradually make her way back into the world - one that will include a career, motherhood, and the personal forgiveness necessary for her to love and be loved in return.

SWEETNESS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PIE by Alan Bradley. Meet eleven-year-old Flavia de Luce, an aspiring chemist with a passion for poison, who is propelled into a mystery when a man is found murdered on the grounds of her family's decaying English mansion and Flavia's father becomes the main suspect. The first in an intriguing, entertaining series that now numbers seven titles and has gone on to sell more than a million copies worldwide.

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