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May 2011

LDS Self-Help Booklist

 Call Number  Title  Author  Date
204.42 HARRISON From Heartache to Healing: Finding Power in Christ to Deal with a Loved One's Sexual Addiction Harrison, Colleen C. 2010
241.667 CONFRONTING Confronting Pornography: A Guide to Prevention and Recovery for Individuals, Loved Ones, and Leaders Chamberlain, Mark D. 2005
248.489 HELPING Helping and Healing Our Families: Principles and Practices Inspired by The Family: A Proclamation to the World Hart, Craig H. 2005
248.489 WRIGHT Achieving Your Life Mission Wright, Randal A. 2009
248.844 BOYACK Strangling Your Husband is Not an Option: A Practical Guide to Dramatically Improving Your Marriage Boyack, Merrilee Browne 2006
248.844 LAMB Between husband & wife : gospel perspectives on marital intimacy Lamb, Stephen E. 2000
248.845 FLYNN The Time-Starved Family Flynn, DeAnne W. 2009
248.845 LATHAM What's a Parent to Do?: Solving Family Problems in a Christlike Way Latham, Glenn 1997
248.845 LUND How to Hug a Porcupine: Dealing with Toxic and Difficult to Love Personalities Lund, John Lewis 1999
248.846 GALLI When Forever Doesn't Last: A Healing Journey Through Divorce Galli, Guy Morgan, 2010
248.86 ISACKSON After My Son's Suicide: An LDS Mother Finds Comfort in Christ and Strength to Go On Isackson, Darla 2010
248.862 VANDAGRIFF Deliverance from Depression: Finding Hope and Healing Through the Atonement of Christ Vandagriff, G. G. 2008
248.866 CHRISTENSEN Lost Children: Coping with Miscarriage Christensen, Rachelle J. 2010
261.85 BAADSGAARD Financial Freedom for LDS Families Baadsgaard, Janene Wolsey 2006
332.024 PODUSKA For Love and Money: How to Share the Same Checkbook and Still Love Each Other Poduska, Bernard 1995
613.25 DOUGLASS Losing It! Douglass, Melanie 2005
616.86 BAKER Understanding Alcohol and Drug Addiction: An LDS Perspective Baker, Merlin O. 2004
616.89 STARK The Waterfall Concept: A Blueprint for Addiction Recovery Stark, Roger 2010