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April 2015

LDS Arts, Cooking & Culture Booklist

 Call Number  Title  Author  Date
246.75 DAVIDSON Our Latter-Day Hymns: The Stories and the Messages Davidson, Karen Lynn 1988
248.489 MESSAGES Messages from Music and the Spoken Word Newell, Lloyd D. 2003
248.489 SUNSHINE Sunshine for the Latter-day Saint Soul 1998
248.843 EDMUNDS Peculiar- In a Good Way Edmunds, Mary Ellen 2006
289.3 HEDENGREN The Mormons Hedengren, Mark Finch 2010
289.3 HUNTER Mormon Myth-ellaneous: Amazing True Mormon Stories--and Some that Should Be! Hunter, J. Michael 2008
289.309 MISSION The Mission: Inside the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Naythons, Matthew 1995
289.309 PACKER The Earth Shall Teach Thee: The Lifework of an Amateur Artist Packer, Boyd K. 2012
289.309 URE Leaving the Fold: Candid Conversations with Inactive Mormons Ure, James W. 1999
289.332 BEST-LOVED Best-Loved Humor of the LDS People Gundry, Linda Ririe 1999
322.109 GOD God and Country: Politics in Utah Sells, Jeffery E. 2005
378.792 WATERMAN The Lord's University: Freedom and Authority at BYU Waterman, Bryan 1998
395.22 LIO Lion House Weddings 2003
635.9 TEM Temple Square Gardening Gates, Christena 2003
641.48 BRAY Not Your Mother's Food Storage Bray, Kathy 2010
641.566 WELLS Our Best Bites: Mormon Moms in the Kitchen Wells, Sara 2011
641.59 BUXTON Worldwide Ward Cookbook: More than 440 Recipes from LDS Cooks Around the Globe Buxton, Deanna 2009
700.882 GIVENS People of Paradox: A History of Mormon Culture Givens, Terryl 2007
704.283 OMAN Images of Faith: Art of the Latter-Day Saints Oman, Richard G. 1995
929.1 LAR Crash Course in Family History: An Easy Step-By-Step Illustrated Guidebook and Comprehensive Resource Book Larsen, Paul 2010