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Reading List
July 2013

Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

 Call Number  Author  Title  Year
FICTION ATWOOD Margaret Eleanor Atwood Oryx and Crake 2003
FICTION BROOKS Max Brooks World War Z 2006
FICTION CRONIN Justin Cronin The passage 2010
FICTION KING Stephen King The stand 2011
FICTION MATHESON Richard Matheson I am legend 1995
FICTION MCCARTHY Cormack McCarthy The road 2006
FICTION SARAMAGA Jose Saramaga Blindness 1998
FICTION SHUTE Neville Shute On the beach 1957
SCI-FIC FANTASY BALLARD J. G. Ballard The drowned world 1965
SCI-FIC FANTASY BRIN David Brin The postman 1985
SCI-FIC FANTASY CARD Orson Scott Card The folk of the fringe 1989
SCI-FIC FANTASY FRANK Pat Frank Alas, Babylon 1979
SCI-FIC FANTASY HERBERT Frank Herbert The white plague 1982
SCI-FIC FANTASY MILLER Walter M. Miller A caticle for Leibowitz 1975
SCI-FIC FANTASY MURPHY Pat Murphy The city, not long after 1989
SCI-FIC FANTASY NIVEN Larry Niven Lucifer's hammer 1998
SCI-FIC FANTASY O'BRIEN Robert C. O'Brien Z for Zachariah 1975
SCI-FIC FANTASY STEWART George R. Stewart Earth abides 1974
SCI-FIC FANTASY STIRLING S. M. Stirling Dies the fire 2004
SCI-FIC FANTASY WASTELANDS John Joseph Adams Wastelands : stories of the Apocalypse 2008
SCI-FIC FANTASY WELLS H. G. Wells The war of the worlds 1993
SCI-FIC FANTASY WYNDHAM John Wyndham The day of the triffids 1986