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July 2013

Genealogy in Fiction

 Call Number  Author  Title / Series  Year
FICTION BUTLER Butler, Octavia E. Kindred 2003
FICTION GOUDGE Goudge, Elizabeth Little white horse 2001
FICTION GREEN Green, Betsy Brannon Christmas in Haggerty 2006
FICTION HISLOP Hislop, Victoria Island 2007
FICTION MCCRUMB McCrumb, Sharyn The songcatcher 2001
FICTION RAGEN Ragen, Naomi The ghost of Hannah Mendes 1998
FICTION STEEL Steel, Danielle Legacy 2010
FICTION VANDAGRIFF Vandagriff, G.G. Cankered roots of the Alexandra Campbell Mystery Series 1994
MYSTERY BROWN Brown, Rita Mae Murder at Monticello of the Mrs. Murphy Mystery Series 1994
MYSTERY BROWN Brown, Rita Mae Riding shotgun 1996
MYSTERY CHURCHILL Churchill, Jill From her to paternity 1995
MYSTERY DAHEIM Daheim, Mary The Alphine escape 1995
MYSTERY GEORGE George, Anne Murder runs in the family 1997
MYSTERY GRIMES Grimes, Martha The horse you came in on 1993
MYSTERY JOYCE Joyce, Brenda The third heiress 1999
MYSTERY KUNZ Kunz, Kathleen Murder once removed 1993
MYSTERY LANDRUM Landrum, Graham The famous DAR murder mystery 1992
MYSTERY MACPHERSON MacPherson, Rett Family skeletons of the Torie O'SHea Mystery Series 1996
MYSTERY MARTIN Martin, Lee Genealogy of murder 1996
SCI-FIC FANTASY GABALDON Gabaldon, Diana Outlander of the Outlander Series 1991
SCI-FIC FANTASY ROBERSON Roberson, Jennifer Shapechanger's Song of the Chronicles of the Cheysuli Series 2001