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July 2013

LDS Feature Films

 Call Number  Title
DVD ACTION SAINTS Saints and soldiers [videorecording]
DVD ACTION SAINTS Saints and soldiers. Airborne creed [videorecording]
DVD COMDEY SINGLES The singles 2nd ward [videorecording]
DVD COMEDY ANXIOUSLY Anxiously engaged [videorecording]
DVD COMEDY BAPTISTS Baptists at our barbecue [videorecording]
DVD COMEDY BEAU Beau jest [videorecording]
DVD COMEDY CHURCH Church Ball [videorecording]
DVD COMEDY DANCE The dance [videorecording]
DVD COMEDY HOME The home teachers [videorecording]
DVD COMEDY MOBSTERS Mobsters and Mormons [videorecording]
DVD COMEDY RM The RM [videorecording]
DVD COMEDY SCOUT Scout camp [videorecording]
DVD COMEDY SINGLES The singles ward [videorecording]
DVD COMEDY SONS Sons of Provo [videorecording]
DVD COMEDY SUITS Suits on the loose [videorecording]
DVD COMEDY TAKE Take a chance [videorecording]
DVD COMEDY UNITARDS Unitards [videorecording]
DVD DRAMA BEAUTY Beauty and the beast a latter-day tale [videorecording]
DVD DRAMA DIANTHA'S Diantha's crossing [videorecording]
DVD DRAMA EMMA Emma Smith [videorecording] : my story
DVD DRAMA EPHRAIM'S Ephraim's rescue [videorecording]
DVD DRAMA ERRAND The errand of angels [videorecording]
DVD DRAMA FIRE Fire Creek [videorecording]
DVD DRAMA JOSEPH Joseph Smith [videorecording] : plates of gold
DVD DRAMA LEGACY Legacy [videorecording]
DVD DRAMA MIDWAY Midway to heaven [videorecording]
DVD DRAMA MIRACLE The miracle of the cards [videorecording]
DVD DRAMA MONEY Money or mission [videorecording]
DVD DRAMA MOUNTAIN The mountain of the Lord [videorecording]
DVD DRAMA ONE One good man [videorecording] : life as a Latter-day dad
DVD DRAMA OTHER The other side of heaven [videorecording]
DVD DRAMA OUT Out of step [videorecording]
DVD DRAMA REDEMPTION Redemption [videorecording]
DVD DRAMA RESCUED Rescued [videorecording]
DVD DRAMA RETURN Return with honor [videorecording]
DVD DRAMA SEVENTEEN 17 miracles [videorecording]
DVD DRAMA STATES States of grace. God's army 2 [videorecording]
DVD DRAMA TESTAMENTS The testaments of one fold and one shepherd [videorecording]
DVD DRAMA TREASURE Treasure in heaven [videorecording] : the John Tanner Story
DVD DRAMA TURN Turn around [videorecording] : based on the story of Alma the Younger
DVD DRAMA WORK The work and the glory [videorecording]
DVD DRAMA WORK The work and the glory III. A house divided [videorecording]
DVD DRAMA WORK The work and the glory. American zion [videorecording]
DVD MYSTERY BRIGHAM Brigham City [videorecording]
DVD MYSTERY ONE One man's treasure [videorecording]
DVD MYSTERY WHISPER Whisper Island [videorecording]
DVD WESTERN OUTLAW Outlaw trail [videorecording] : the treasure of Butch Cassidy