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October 2013

Suggested Halloween - Films

 Call Number  Title
DVD HORROR AMITYVILLE Amityville horror with James Brolin
DVD COMEDY ARSENIC Arsenic and old lace with Cary Grant
DVD HORROR BLAIR The Blair Witch Project with Heather Donahue
DVD HORROR CARRIE Carrie with Sissy Spacek
DVD HORROR DAWN Dawn of the dead with David Emge
DVD HORROR DESCENT The descent with Shauna MacDonald
DVD HORROR EXORCIST The exorcist with Ellen Burstyn
DVD HORROR FRIDAY Friday the 13th with Betsy Palmer
DVD MYSTERY GHOST The ghost and Mr. Chicken with Don Knotts
DVD SCI-FIC FANTASY GHOST Ghost with Patrick Swayze
DVD HORROR HAUNTING The haunting with Julie Harris
HOLIDAY HALLOWEEN DVD HOCUS Hocus pocus with Bette Midler
DVD HORROR HOUSE House on haunted hill with Vincent Price
DVD COMEDY JUST Just like Heaven with Reese Witherspoon
DVD HORROR NIGHT Night of the living dead with Duane Jones
DVD HORROR NOSFERATU Nosferatu : a symphony of terror with Max Schreck
DVD HORROR OTHERS The others with Nicole Kidman
DVD HORROR POLTERGEIST Poltergeist with Craig T. Nelson
DVD HORROR RING The ring with Naomi Watts
DVD HORROR PSYCHO Psycho with Anthony Perkins
DVD HORROR SHINING The shining with Jack Nickolson
DVD HORROR SLEEPY Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp
DVD SCI-FIC FANTASY SOMETHING Something wicked this way comes with Jason Robards
DVD FOREIGN VANISHING The vanishing with Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu