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Young Adult Reading List
March 2011

Vampire Novels for Teens

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
FICTION RICE Interview with the vampire : a novel Rice, Anne 1976
FICTION STOKER Dracula Stoker, Bram 2003
GRAPHIC NOVEL HINO VOL.1 Vampire knight Hino, Matsuri 20
SCI-FIC FANTASY BUTLER Fledgling : a novel Butler, Octavia E. 2005
SCI-FIC FANTASY WILLIAMS Child of an ancient city Williams, Tad 1992
YA FICTION ANDERSON Thirsty Anderson, Matthew T. 1997
YA FICTION ATWATER-RHODES Persistence of memory Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia 2008
YA FICTION BLOCK Pretty dead Block, Francesca Lia 2009
YA FICTION BREWER The chronicles of Vladimir Tod : eighth grade bites Brewer, Heather 2007
YA FICTION CAINE Glass houses Caine, Rachel 2006
YA FICTION CAST Marked : a house of night novel Cast, P.C. 2007
YA FICTION COONEY Deadly offer Cooney, Caroline B. 1991
YA FICTION DELACRUZ Blue bloods De la Cruz, Melissa 2007
YA FICTION FANTASKEY Jessica's guide to dating on the dark side Fantaskey, Beth 2009
YA FICTION GRAY Evernight Gray, Claudia 2008
YA FICTION HAHN Look for me by moonlight Hahn, Mary Downing 1995
YA FICTION HENDERSON Vampire rising Henderson, Jason 2010
YA FICTION HOLDER Crusade Holder, Nancy 2010
YA FICTION JENKINS Night road Jenkins, A.M. 2008
YA FICTION JINKS The reformed vampire support group Jinks, Catherine 2009
YA FICTION KENYON Infinity Kenyon, Sherrilyn 2010
YA FICTION KLAUSE The silver kiss Klause, Annette Curtis 1990
YA FICTION LAKE Blood ninja Lake, Nick 2009
YA FICTION MAIZEL Infinite days : a vampire queen novel Maizel, Rebecca 2010
YA FICTION MANCUSI Boys that bite Mancusi, Marianne 2006
YA FICTION MEAD Vampire Academy Mead, Richelle 2007
YA FICTION MEEHL Suck it up Meehl, Brian 2008
YA FICTION MEYER Twilight Meyer, Stephenie 2005
YA FICTION PAULEY Sucks to be me : the all-true confessions of Mina Hamilton, teen vampire (maybe) Pauley, Kimberly 2009
YA FICTION RICHARDS The parliament of blood Richards, Justin 2008
YA FICTION SCHREIBER Vampire kisses Schreiber, Ellen 2005
YA FICTION SHAN Cirque du freak : a living nightmare Shan, Darren 2001
YA FICTION SHOWALTER Intertwined Showalter, Gena 2009
YA FICTION SMITH Tantalize Smith, Cynthia Leitich 2007
YA FICTION SMITH The awakening Smith, L.J. 1991
YA FICTION SOMPER Demons of the ocean Somper, Justin 2006
YA FICTION VANDE VELDE Companions of the night Vande Velde, Vivian 1995
YA FICTION WESTERFELD Peeps : a novel Westerfeld, Scott 2005
YA GRAPHIC NOVEL JUDAL VOL.3 Vampire game Judal 20
YA GRAPHIC NOVEL SCHREIBER VOL.1 Vampire kisses Schreiber, Ellen 20