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Young Adult Reading List
January 2011

Survival Stories for Teens

 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
YA FICTION CAMPBELL The Shark Callers Campbell, Eric 1994
YA FICTION CAMPBELL The place of lions Campbell, Eric 1991
YA FICTION FARR Emperors of the ice Farr, Richard 2008
YA FICTION FERRELL Wolf brother : survival in the Far North Ferrell, Ed 2004
YA FICTION GLEITZMAN Once Gleitzman, Morris 2010
YA FICTION HALAM Siberia : a novel Halam, Ann 2005
YA FICTION HOBBS Wild Man Island Hobbs, Will 2002
YA FICTION HOBBS Far North Hobbs, Will 1996
YA FICTION HOBBS Downriver Hobbs, Will 1991
YA FICTION KADOHATA A million shades of gray Kadohata, Cynthia 2010
YA FICTION KEY Alabama moon Key, Watt 2006
YA FICTION LAWRENCE The wreckers Lawrence, Iain 1998
YA FICTION MACPHAIL Underworld MacPhail, Catherine 2004
YA FICTION MARSDEN Tomorrow, when the war began Marsden, John 1995
YA FICTION MATTHEWS Fish Matthews, L.S. 2004
YA FICTION MAZER Snow bound Mazer, Harry 1973
YA FICTION MCCAUGHREAN The white darkness : a novel McCaughrean, Geraldine 2007
YA FICTION MCKERNAN Shackleton's stowaway McKernan, Victoria 2005
YA FICTION MIKAELSEN Red midnight Mikaelsen, Ben 2002
YA FICTION MIKAELSEN Rescue Josh McGuire Mikaelsen, Ben 1991
YA FICTION PARK A long walk to water : a novel Park, Linda Sue 2010
YA FICTION PAULSEN Hatchet Paulsen, Gary 1987
YA FICTION PAULSEN The Transall saga Paulsen, Gary 1998
YA FICTION PRATCHETT Nation Pratchett, Terry 2008
YA FICTION RUCKMAN No way out Ruckman, Ivy 1988
YA FICTION SALISBURY Night of the howling dogs Salisbury, Graham 2007
YA FICTION SMITH Peak Smith, Roland 2007
YA FICTION TRUEMAN Hurricane : a novel Trueman, Terry 2008
YA FICTION WEAVER Memory boy : a novel Weaver, Will 2003
YA FICTION WHITE Surviving Antarctica : reality TV 2083 White, Andrea 2005