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Young Adult Reading List
February 2011

Romance Novels for Younger Teens

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
YA FICTION BAUER Bauer, Joan Thwonk 1995
YA FICTION BAUER Bauer, Joan Squashed 1992
YA FICTION CABOT Cabot, Meg Teen idol 2004
YA FICTION CANNON Cannon, A.E. The loser's guide to life and love 2008
YA FICTION COONEY Cooney, Caroline B. The girl who invented romance 2005
YA FICTION CORBET Corbet, Robert Fifteen love 2005
YA FICTION DALY Daly, Maureen Seventeenth summer 2002
YA FICTION EULBERG Eulberg, Elizabeth The Lonely Hearts Club 2010
YA FICTION EULBERG Eulberg, Elizabeth Prom & prejudice 2011
YA FICTION FERRARO Ferraro, Tina The ABC's of kissing boys 2009
YA FICTION FIRST Jordan, Sabrina It had to be you 2007
YA FICTION FIRST Davis, Stephie The boyfriend trick 2007
YA FICTION FIRST Hawthorne, Rachel Trust me 2007
YA FICTION FRIEDMAN Friedman, Aimee A novel idea 2006
YA FICTION GILMORE Gilmore, Kate Enter three witches 1990
YA FICTION GOODE Goode, Caroline Cupidity 2005
YA FICTION HAN Han, Jenny The summer I turned pretty 2009
YA FICTION HAN Han, Jenny Shug 2006
YA FICTION KANTOR Kantor, Melissa Girlfriend material 2009
YA FICTION LIMB Limb, Sue Girl, 15, charming but insane 2004
YA FICTION MLYNOWSKI Mlynowski, Sarah Gimme a call 2010
YA FICTION MORIARTY Moriarty, Jaclyn The year of secret assignments 2004
YA FICTION NAMIOKA Namioka, Lensey Mismatch 2006
YA FICTION NAPOLI Napoli, Donna Jo Sirena 1998
YA FICTION NORRIS Norris, Shana Something to blog about 2008
YA FICTION PLUMMER Plummer, Louise The unlikely romance of Kate Bjorkman 1995
YA FICTION RALLISON Rallison, Janette My fair godmother 2009
YA FICTION RENNISON Rennison, Louise Angus, thongs and full-frontal snogging : confessions of Georgia Nicolson 2000
YA FICTION SHAW Shaw, Tucker Flavor of the week 2003
YA FICTION SHULMAN Shulman, Polly Enthusiasm 2006
YA FICTION SOTO Soto, Gary Accidental love 2006
YA FICTION SPINELLI Spinelli, Jerry Stargirl 2000
YA FICTION ST.ANTHONY St Anthony, Jane The summer Sherman loved me 2006
YA FICTION STRASSER Strasser, Todd How I created my perfect prom date 1998
YA FICTION TURNBULL Turnbull, Ann No shame, no fear 2004
YA FICTION VANDRAANEN Van Draanen, Wendelin Flipped 2001
YA FICTION WELLS Wells, Pamela The heartbreakers 2007
YA FICTION WILLIAMS Williams, Carol Lynch My Angelica 1999
YA FICTION WILSON Wilson, Jacqueline Girls in love 2001
YA FICTION YOUNG Young, Karen Romano The Beetle and me : a love story 1999