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Young Adult Reading List
February 2011

Romance Novels for Older Teens

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
YA FICTION BENWAY Benway, Robin Audrey, wait! 2008
YA FICTION BLACKMAN Blackman, Malorie Naughts & Crosses 2005
YA FICTION BLOCK Block, Francesca Lia Weetzie Bat 1989
YA FICTION CALETTI Caletti, Deb Honey, Baby, Sweetheart 2004
YA FICTION CASTELLUCCI Castellucci, Cecil Boy proof 2005
YA FICTION CHEVA Cheva, Cherry She's so money 2008
YA FICTION COLASANTI Colasanti, Susane Take me there 2008
YA FICTION DAVIDSON Davidson, Dana Jason & Kyra 2005
YA FICTION DESAIHIDIER Desai Hidier, Tanuja Born confused 2002
YA FICTION DESSEN Dessen, Sarah Along for the ride : a novel 2009
YA FICTION DESSEN Dessen, Sarah The truth about forever 2004
YA FICTION DRAPER Draper, Sharon M. Romiette and Julio 2001
YA FICTION ELKELES Elkeles, Simone Perfect chemistry 2009
YA FICTION FARLEY Farley, Terri Seven tears into the sea 2005
YA FICTION FLAKE Flake, Sharon Who am I without him? : short stories about girls and the boys in their lives 2004
YA FICTION FREYMANN-WEYR Freymann-Weyr, Garret After the moment 2009
YA FICTION FRIEDMAN Friedman, Aimee Sea change 2009
YA FICTION FRIEND Friend, Natasha For keeps 2010
YA FICTION GALLAGHER Gallagher, Liz The opposite of invisible 2008
YA FICTION HARPER Harper, Suzanne The Juliet club 2008
YA FICTION HAUTMAN Hautman, Pete The big crunch 2011
YA FICTION KEPHART Kephart, Beth Undercover 2007
YA FICTION KLUGER Kluger, Steve My most excellent year : a novel of love, Mary Poppins, & Fenway Park 2008
YA FICTION LOCKHART Lockhart, E. The boyfriend list : (15 guys, 11 shrink appointments, 4 ceramic frogs, and me, Ruby Oliver) 2005
YA FICTION MAXWELL Maxwell, Katie The year my life went down the loo 2003
YA FICTION MORRISON Morrison, Angela Taken by storm 2009
YA FICTION OCONNELL O'Connell, Tyne True love, the sphinx, and other unsolvable riddles : a comedy in four voices 2007
YA FICTION O'CONNELL O'Connell, Tyne Pulling princes 2004
YA FICTION PALMER Palmer, Robin Geek charming 2009
YA FICTION PALMER Palmer, Robin Cindy Ella 2008
YA FICTION PAPADEMETRIOU Papademetriou, Lisa M or F? : a novel 2005
YA FICTION PEREZ Perez, Marlene Love in the corner pocket 2008
YA FICTION PERKINS Perkins, Stephanie Anna and the French kiss 2010
YA FICTION PERL Perl, Erica S. Vintage Veronica 2010
YA FICTION SCOTT Scott, Elizabeth The unwritten rule 2010
YA FICTION SCOTT Scott, Kieran Geek magnet : a novel in five acts 2008
YA FICTION SHAW Shaw, Tucker The hookup artist 2006
YA FICTION SONES Sones, Sonya What my mother doesn't know 2001
YA FICTION WHITCOMB Whitcomb, Laura A certain slant of light 2005
YA FICTION WOODSON Woodson, Jacqueline If you come softly 2000