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Young Adult Reading List
February 2011

LDS Fiction for Teens

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
YA FICTION ADAMS Tombs of terror Adams, T. Lynn 2010
YA FICTION ANDERSEN The Book of Mormon sleuth Andersen, C.B. 2000
YA FICTION BATEMAN I just got a letter from Allyson Pringle Bateman, Anya 2008
YA FICTION BATEMAN The makeover of James Orville Wickenbee a novel Bateman, Anya 2006
YA FICTION CANTWELL Cross currents Cantwell, Lee G. 1993
YA FICTION CONDIE Being sixteen Condie, Allyson Braithwaite 2010
YA FICTION CONDIE Yearbook Condie, Allyson Braithwaite 2006
YA FICTION CRABTREE On the road to royalty : a novel Crabtree, Dianne 2005
YA FICTION CRANE Moment of truth Crane, Cheri 2005
YA FICTION CRANE The girls next door : a novel Crane, Cheri J. 2002
YA FICTION FICIUR Trouble in Palmyra Ficiur, Rob 2005
YA FICTION GALLACHER Fixed stars Gallacher, Marcie 1999
YA FICTION GLENN Circle dance : a novel Glenn, Sharlee Mullins 1998
YA FICTION HEIMERDINGER Tennis shoes among the Nephites. Heimerdinger, Chris 1989
YA FICTION HOLM Against an amber sky Holm, H.R. 2007
YA FICTION HUGHES Brothers Hughes, Dean 1986
YA FICTION HUGHES Facing the enemy Hughes, Dean 1982
YA FICTION JOHNSON-CHOONG Lilies & clover : a novel Johnson-Choong, Shelly 1998
YA FICTION JOHNSON-CHOONG The jewelry box Johnson-Choong, Shelly 1994
YA FICTION LITTKE Searching for Selene Littke, Lael 2003
YA FICTION MANGUM The secret journal of Brett Colton Mangum, Kay Lynn 2005
YA FICTION MCKENDRICK On a whim McKendrick, Lisa 2001
YA FICTION MONSON The legend of the lamp. Book 1 : a novel Monson, Tina 2005
YA FICTION MORRIS Saddle shoe blues Morris, Carroll Hofeling 1987
YA FICTION NORTON Molly Mormon? Norton, Tamra 2002
YA FICTION PALMER Butterfly dust : a novel Palmer, Kathryn 1997
YA FICTION PARKER Just the way you are Parker, Katie 2005
YA FICTION PETERSON The forgotten warrior : a novel Peterson, Kathi Oram 2009
YA FICTION RALLISON Dakota's revenge Rallison, Janette 1998
YA FICTION RALLISON Deep blue eyes and other lies Rallison, Janette 1996
YA FICTION RANDLE Slumming Randle, Kristen D 2003
YA FICTION ROWLEY 16 in no time : a novel Rowley, Brent 2001
YA FICTION ROWLEY Sting! : a novel Rowley, Brent 2001
YA FICTION SAGNIMENI Summer in exile Sagnimeni, Christina L. 2005
YA FICTION TALLEY Altar-ed plans Talley, Rebecca Cornish 2009
YA FICTION THOMPSON Taming the wind Thompson, Michelle 2009
YA FICTION TUFTS Me, myself & E.F.Y. Tufts, Daryn 2002
YA FICTION TUNNELL Brothers in valor : a story of resistance Tunnell, Michael O. 2001
YA FICTION WEYLAND Cameron Meets Madison. Weyland, Jack 2010
YA FICTION WEYLAND The samaritan bueno : a novel Weyland, Jack 2009
YA FICTION WILHITE Bright blue miracle : a novel Wilhite, Rebecca A. 2009
YA FICTION WRIGHT Eyes like mine : a novel Wright, Julie 2009