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Teen Reading List
Nov 2019

Horror and the Supernatural : Novels for Teens

 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
HORROR BRADBURY Bradbury, Ray Something wicked this way comes 1999
YA FICTION ARMSTRONG Armstrong, Kelley The summoning 2008
YA FICTION BRUCHAC Bruchac, Joseph The dark pond 2004
YA FICTION CARMODY Carmody, Isobelle The Gathering 1994
YA FICTION CLEMENT-MOORE Clement-Moore, Rosemary The splendor falls 2009
YA FICTION COLFER Colfer, Eoin The wish list 2003
YA FICTION DESPAIN Despain, Bree The dark Divine 2010
YA FICTION DUNCAN Duncan, Lois Locked in time 1985
YA FICTION FAHY Fahy, Thomas Richard The Unspoken 2009
YA FICTION GANTOS Gantos, Jack The love curse of the Rumbaughs 2006
YA FICTION GARCIA Garcia, Kami Beautiful creatures 2009
YA FICTION GRANT Grant, Michael Gone 2008
YA FICTION GRIFFIN Griffin, Adele Picture the dead 2010
YA FICTION HIGHTMAN Hightman, Jason Spirit 2008
YA FICTION HOROWITZ Horowitz, Anthony Bloody Horowitz 2010
YA FICTION HOROWITZ Horowitz, Anthony Groosham Grange 2008
YA FICTION KADE Kade, Stacey The ghost and the goth 2010
YA FICTION KLAUSE Klause, Annette Curtis Freaks 2006
YA FICTION MALKIN Malkin, Nina Swoon 2009
YA FICTION MCMANN McMann, Lisa Wake 2008
YA FICTION NIXON Nixon, Joan Lowery The haunting 1998
YA FICTION RICHARDS Richards, Justin The parliament of blood 2008
YA FICTION SEDGWICK Sedgwick, Marcus The book of Dead Days 2004
YA FICTION SHAN Shan, Darren Lord Loss 2005
YA FICTION SHOWALTER Showalter, Gena Intertwined 2009
YA FICTION SHUSTERMAN Shusterman, Neal Full tilt : a novel 2003
YA FICTION SLEATOR Sleator, William Hell phone 2006
YA FICTION VANDE VELDE Vande Velde, Vivian A coming evil 1998
YA FICTION WHITCOMB Whitcomb, Laura The Fetch 2009
YA FICTION WHITE White, Kiersten Paranormalcy 2010
YA FICTION WOODING Wooding, Chris The haunting of Alaizabel Cray 2004
YA FICTION YANCEY Yancey, Richard The monstrumologist : William James Henry 2009
YA FICTION YOVANOFF Yovanoff, Brenna The replacement 2010