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Young Adult Reading List
January 2011

Fantasy/Adventure Novels for Teens

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 Call Number  Author  Title  Date
YA FICTION ALEXANDER Alexander, Lloyd The golden dream of Carlo Chuchio 2007
YA FICTION ALLEN Allen, William Stuart Swords for hire : two of the most unlikely heroes you'll ever meet 2003
YA FICTION ALLENDE Allende, Isabel City of the beasts 2002
YA FICTION BARKER Barker, Clive Abarat 2002
YA FICTION BELL Bell, Hilari The last knight 2007
YA FICTION BONDOUX Bondoux, Anne-Laure The Princetta 2006
YA FICTION BOOTH Booth, Martin Doctor Illuminatus 2004
YA FICTION COLFER Colfer, Eoin The Supernaturalist 2004
YA FICTION CROSS Cross, Gillian The dark ground 2004
YA FICTION DRUITT Druitt, Tobias Corydon and the island of monsters 2006
YA FICTION FLANAGAN Flanagan, John The ruins of Gorlan 2005
YA FICTION LACKEY Lackey, Mercedes Legacies 2010
YA FICTION LORE Lore, Pittacus I am number four 2010
YA FICTION MACHALE MacHale, D.J. The merchant of death 2002
YA FICTION MARCHETTA Marchetta, Melina Finnikin of the rock 2010
YA FICTION MASSON Masson, Sophie Snow, fire, sword 2006
YA FICTION MIYABE Miyabe, Miyuki Brave story 2007
YA FICTION ODOM Odom, Mel A conspiracy revealed 2005
YA FICTION OPPEL Oppel, Kenneth Airborn 2004
YA FICTION PAOLINI Paolini, Christopher Eragon 2003
YA FICTION PATTERSON Patterson, James Maximum Ride : the angel experiment 2005
YA FICTION PEARSON Pearson, Ridley The kingdom keepers 2005
YA FICTION PULLMAN Pullman, Philip The golden compass 2006
YA FICTION RIORDAN Riordan, Rick The lightning thief 2005
YA FICTION SAGE Sage, Angie Magyk 2005
YA FICTION SHUSTERMAN Shusterman, Neal Full tilt : a novel 2003
YA FICTION SKELTON Skelton, Matthew Endymion Spring 2006
YA FICTION SMITH Smith, Sherwood Senrid 2007
YA FICTION TAYLOR Taylor, G.P. Mariah Mundi : the Midas Box 2008
YA FICTION TURNER Turner, Megan Whalen The thief 1996
YA FICTION VANDE VELDE Vande Velde, Vivian Heir apparent 2002
YA FICTION VAUGHN Vaughn, Carrie Voices of dragons 2010
YA FICTION WEAVER Weaver, Will Memory boy : a novel 2003
YA FICTION YANCEY Yancey, Richard The extraordinary adventures of Alfred Kropp 2005