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by Carola Dunn

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It was a good mystery. You had to find out why the victim was killed. However, the victim was a mistake, he wasn't supposed to die. Who was behind it? You have to read it to find out.

by Nancy Atherton

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This is part of the "Aunt Dimity" series.
Very mild, not shocking. Very easy to ready.
Lori finds a stranger covered in snow and freezing. He had come to see Aunt Dimity. He had no idea that Dimity has passed on. From there the story builds.

by Betty Smith

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It's in Brooklyn, spans approximately 15-20 years. Starts with the main characters early in childhood thru her young adulthood. Feel it is a good discussion of life in the 20's; a death of 1 parent and remarriage of the 2nd parent. The cruelty of children.

by Daniel James Brown

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I thought this book would be about the history of the 1926 Olympics. Instead, it was about a team of 9 Americans in a boat, showing bigotry, Hitler/Nazis, and WWII.
It wasn't a super, enjoyable book ofr me.