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Ask a Librarian - Library Divisions
Contact information for the separate library divisions.


Administrative Services Division

Division leader:
Library Director Robert Shupe,
435-716-9130, robert.shupe@loganutah.org

Associate Librarian Circulation Debbie Ogilvie
Custodian Mario Flores
Assistant Director Karen Clark
Systems Administrator Melanie Liechty

Children's Services Division

Division leader:
Librarian Becky Smith,
435-716-9135, becky.smith@loganutah.org

Adult Fiction and Special Collections Services Division

Division leader:
Librarian Jason Cornelius,
435-716-9143, jason.cornelius@loganutah.org

Adult Nonfiction and Reference Services Division

Division leader:
Librarian Joseph Anderson,
435-716-9137, joseph.anderson@loganutah.org

Young Adult Services Division

Division leader:
Librarian Laura Nelson,
435-716-9134, laura.nelson@loganutah.org

Technical Services Division

Division leader:
Assistant Director Karen Clark,
435-716-9138, karen.clark@loganutah.org

Director's Welcome
Robert Shupe
On behalf of all of us here at the Logan Public Library, I bid you welcome to our website!

Whether this is your first time here or you are one of our frequent visitors, please know that our goal is to provide you with useful, interesting and easy to navigate informational resources. We are very passionate about providing high-quality customer service and useful tools for accessing information, no matter your reasons or needs for doing so.

If there is anything that any of us can do to assist you and to make your visit, whether online or in-person, more satisfactory, please do not hesitate to tell us!


Robert Shupe
Logan Library