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Monday, 23 July 2012
Brigham Young College Annuals

The Logan Library Special Collections has begun collecting annuals for Brigham Young College: the Crimson which was in publication from 1904-1926. A short explanation of the history of this institution will place the publication in the context of local history.

Brigham Young College operated from 1877 to 1926. "At first a normal school primarily preparing elementary teachers (1877-1894), it then inaugurated college courses and for fifteen years granted bachelors' degrees (1894-1909). During its final period (1910-1926), the school operated as a high school and junior college." Although highly successful and educating over 40,000 students during the forty-nine years of its operation, the school succumbed to changes in the educational climate and the growth of public schools throughout Utah.(Garr)

The library has long been collecting Logan High School's Amphion and now has a collection only missing a few volumes. A natural extension of this collection is to collect the annual for it's near relative, Brigham Young College. The library has been acquiring the annuals through donation and online auctions.

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~ Jason, Special Collections Librarian
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