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Alvin Crockett: 1st Mayor of Logan

Dates in Office: 1866-1870
Terms in Office: 2
Age when Elected: 35

Alvin Crockett

Alvin Crockett was born on October 19,1831 on Fox Island, Maine. His parents were David Crockett and Lydia Young. He married Sophia Reed on June 26, 1851 and Annie Naomi Peel on November 29, 1867 and had eighteen children. In 1860 or 61 he settled in Logan, Utah where he lived the rest of his life until his death on July 9, 1902.

Mr. Crockett served as sheriff of Cache County for nearly fifteen years. He was also city marshal of Logan. In 1872 he was elected as a school trustee and was instrumental in consolidating all the various ward schools into one Logan School District. That same year a high school was opened for the public in Logan. In 1878 he was appointed county game commissioner.

Mr. Crockett was elected as the first mayor of Logan, Utah on March 5, 1866. He was subsequently reelected, completing his second term in 1870. Far from the strict separation of church and state found today, it is interesting to note that many of today's governmental functions were at that time done by the Mormon church. When elected, Mr. Crockett held his first meeting in the house of Ezra T. Benson, Mormon apostle and local church authority.


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