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UNMASK - Teen Summer Reading Program 2015

Teen Summer Reading

UNMASK as part of the Teen Summer Reading Program of 2015.

A whole world is revealed through what we read, watch, and feel. UNMASK your true identity at your library and discover the real you this summer.

When is the Teen Summer Reading Program?

June 1st - August 31st

Who Can Participate?

Teens ages 11-17.

How Does it Work?

Come to the library and fill out a short registration form. Your sign-up packet which includes a Reading Card, Teen Ticket, and a "Whatever you want to review" form. What to do next? Keep on reading...


Track every 30 minutes you read. The more you read the better! Once your reading card is filled out, bring it in for a small prize, and read some more.
Each reading card you turn in is entered into our monthly drawing for an ipod shuffle.


Liked something you've read, watched, seen, or listened to? Tell us about it! Write a short review about a book, movie, cd, video game, or favorite website. Every review you submit is entered in our monthly drawing for an ipod shuffle. The more reviews you give us, the more chances you have of winning!


The Logan Library has some pretty legit programs for all. Let us UNMASK your curiosity. Come to at least 2 programs in one month, get your ticket stub punched and turn it in to be entered in our monthly drawing for an ipod shuffle.There is always something happening, so find out what we have for you. Is it...

Once you have attended two library programs, get your Teen Ticket punched or signed by the librarian in charge and turn it in for a chance at winning an ipod shuffle. (Note: Tickets must be punched/signed twice to be valid)

Prize Drawings

At the end of each month this summer we will hold a drawing for an ipod shuffle So sign up, read, review, and more at the Logan Library.