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A Universe of Stories - Teen Summer Reading Program 2019

Teen Summer Reading

A Universe of Stories

Get ready to dream big at your library this summer by experiencing what the library has for you. When you read, watch, and see new things you open your mind to the amazing universe around you. Dream big, believe in yourself, and create your own story with us this summer!

When is the Teen Summer Reading Program?

June 3th - August 31st.

What age is the Teen Summer Reading Program for?

Teens and Tweens 11-18 (just like Teen Tuesday).

Where do I sign up?

There is no sign up. Just like the past several years you take what you need to get started. There is an info sheet explaining the program peppered throughout the library. If you want a punch card, you can pick one up at the Harry Potter Shelf (aka "Potter" shelf), or at the checkout desk.

How many punch cards can I turn in?

As many as you want!

If I am younger than 11 can I still participate?

It is up to you and your parent BUT you have to choose either the Children's or Teen program. You cannot do both. Also anyone under 11 cannot attend the Final Friday Party.

How do I get tickets and punch cards?

Tickets are handed to you at the event you attended, at the Teen Info Desk (M-F, 3-5) and at the checkout desk.
Punch cards are on the "Potter" shelf just outside the Young Adult or Teen Area; you can take however many you want.

How many books per punches? How many punches for a book?

Each punch card has a space for three punches. If you read 1 book you get a punch. 3 books read is 3 punches on the card and you have earned a beautiful, free book.

Where are the books?

On the "Potter" shelf just outside the Young Adult or Teen area.

What are the Final Friday parties, when are they, and who can come?

Final Friday parties are a lock-in party for Teens and Tweens only the last Friday of each month this summer 6:30-8. (NO ADULTS ALLOWED...except library staff). We have a themes for each night, have food, play games and do a prize drawing.