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Creating Your New 21st Century Logan Library and Community Center: Comments From the Public 2014-2016

The City of Logan and the Logan Library Board are interested in hearing from the community about your hopes and dreams for a new library.

These are the results of the survey that the public has submitted about what programs, materials, and services they are interested in to make the library better.


What programs and services should the Library feature?

Programs/Services comments from 2016

  • Makerspace, 3D printing, longer hours, OPEN ON SUNDAYS

  • Self check out stations, RFID squares that read barcodes instead of individual scans from a reader gun.

  • I love the existing programs! Logan has wonderful library-supported programs. I have been very impressed with the selection. I would love a monthly flyer or e-mail advertising these events beyond regular library-goers. There is a lot of potential in those programs that I feel goes unnoticed.
    With a larger library, it might be cool to have volunteers shelve books. My cousin did that when she was in junior high to get service hours for a project, and she loved it! It would provide an opportunity for kids to learn more about what libraries offer, familiarity with the Dewey Decimal system, and an appreciation for new genres.

  • Stuff for the public to do--give us a reason to hang out downtown. Like a "read and feed" where food trucks come to for library or something! Or a nice, social space for poetry readings.

  • Community engagement opportunities, like the Gardener's Market but at the library. Maybe one night a week in the summers where food trucks and music/poetry readings could come together.

Programs/Services comments from 2014-2015

  • I think if you're going to have more meeting rooms for the community, I would recommend putting together an online system that allows users to book rooms online (maybe through their library cards?). USU does with with the Merrill-Crazier Library, and it would make knowing what is available when much easier for users.

  • More programming for adults, especially senior citizens. Maker spaces for teens to create. Private study rooms, larger meeting rooms, computer lab.

  • The following priorities in order: technology, physical collections, programming.

  • Need to add more regular programming for the older children - ages 6 through 11 (After School program is moving in the right direction)

  • Story time, activities for 9-11 year olds, programs for teens.

  • Everything the library is already doing (favorites include our free ILL, movie nights, children's programs, Helicon West, Readers Circle, year-round adult reading program, learning at the library, homebound service, outreach to the Latino community, etc). I would love a coffee/hot cocoa/tea/cider station (I can list my dreams here, right?).

  • Strategy or guide books for the games you lend. Like the wii, Xbox, etc. games.

  • An idea would be to offer different classes (for example, a writing class) for community members. The City of Logan doesn't do much with this.

  • children's reading programs, community education classes on using technology, book groups, interlibrary loans, honoring patron's requests for new acquisitions, digital downloads, genealogical and local collections, feature and promote local artists, language collections, monthly book sales

  • Introductory lectures describing what programs/services are already available. Continue story time and movie nights.

  • Public meeting spaces


Tell us how to improve the Library’s collection and resources. What are your particular needs for books, DVDs, CDs, computers, databases, other materials, and resources. Please share your particular needs.

Collections/Materials/Technology comments from 2016

  • Faster computers, IEEE journals

  • More up to date games for Xbox One, WII VI, popular games.

  • I am a huge fan of the amount of YA books in the Logan library. I also LOVE the shelf where old books can be bought. I've found a few of my favorite books there.
    In my opinion, libraries are primarily for paper books. E-books are wonderful. Books on CD are my mother's favorite. But they're not what I go to a library for. I go to a library when I need a physical book in my hand. If I pick up a movie as well, that's a bonus. I go for the books. If digital materials were the only thing in demand, we would have no need for a bigger library; we would need to update the website. As important as keeping up with technology is, the first priority in materials should always be physical books.
    I have also been very impressed with the amount of graphic novels in our library. I have never seen such a large collection in one place, and that includes bookstores. I particularly love how they are still separated into age-appropriate groups. Graphic novels are not all kid-friendly comic books, and I am relieved that they have been separated across the library.
    However, the children's section is lacking. It's tiny. It needs help.
    One or two self-service checkouts like the ones in the Merrill-Cazier library would be nice.

  • Ebooks! Wifi!

  • Continue to build a collection of ebooks. Provide access to streaming media like online documentaries.

Collections/Materials/Technology comments from 2014-2015

  • I think I would like to see the Library invest in Blu-Ray discs. I also think it would be nice to have our library accounts do more with the catalog, such as provide relevant web links (when we're on our own PCs) or allow users to follow certain series or even word searches when new things come up.

  • Expand the popular collections of the library so wait lists won't be so long. Provide quicker Wi-Fi access.

  • We really need to offer more in the way of online popular offerings: downloadable magazines and music, online class offerings, etc. Waiting until there is a strong demand will likely already be too late.

  • The library should have a children's computer lab where kids can safely do homework assignments and research online. A separate, walled-in teen computer area would also be nice, or perhaps two - one for gaming and one for homework! The library should keep up with new formats for materials, but that should be in addition to books, not instead of...

  • The library does a great job with their collection - just need more space!

  • I love reading and learning. The Logan Library has exceeded my expectations in providing me with the materials I have both wanted and needed. Though to improve, having self checkout systems would be great.

  • Please don't forget the book collections. I think North Logan's compact shelving is a bad idea for popular collections in a public library. People still use real books, both to checkout and just to use in the library. They need easy access for browsing or quick discovery of the desired materials. Good collections need significant space. We do need electronic collections because they are another format our patrons use, but a significant portion of readers/users/citizens don't and won't use electronic materials because they prefer physical items or because the technology used to access electronic is intimidating and/or costly. It would be great to have smart televisions in small study rooms and projection/sound equipment in large meeting rooms. Self-checkout would be important in order to assist staff and provide a private option for checkout. Please keep holds in staff area or use a system to disguise user's names to ensure privacy.

  • More than one copy each of Psych - it takes FOREVER to get any of these when putting them on hold. A larger "Book Sale" area.

  • Please keep all DVD's in one area. Update the shelving to get books within reach: off of the top and bottom shelves. Maintain interlibrary loan as a free service.

  • Continue developing e-books and electronic databases. Continue with book collections.

  • More eBooks and eAudiobooks


How should the new library look and feel? What architectural features will help the building respond to changing community needs?

Design comments from 2016

  • Powerstrip along wall above desks like the current magazine room for ALL desks. Do NOT make it a pretty to look at but not functional space (like the Huntsman Hall at USU, useless with so much glass, outlets only on the floor, tiny desks), it's a library, not Las Vegas. Just have big sturdy desks with outlets I can plug right into when bringing my laptop, AND outlets I can plug my phone into charge right behind monitors when I am using the library's computers.
    Large monitors for easier reading on a screen.
    Issue RFID library cards associated to State ID cards, patrons scan these cards to open the entry door into the library, have a camera recording the entrance and logging which patron enters, then have self-checkout stations and eliminate the need for volunteers at the checkout desks.
    LOCKERS - lots of user-programmable via button combination right inside the lobby but not inside the RFID scancard protected area. Prohibit bags in the library, direct patrons to put their possessions into the lockers except for their RFID library card, and a laptop.
    Coffee CAFÉ - outside RFID access area, in the lobby. No food in protected access area.
    Self study lounge - This is a series of small workstations (with power plugs) arranged as long rows of tables with dividers on top and chairs for each station. It uses a completely separate entrance and is isolated from the main floor lobby and protected areas. When the library closes all its doors during closing hours, this area is still accessible via RFID card and computer kiosk to reserve a small desk area for two hours at a time. Monitored with cameras. No library materials are inside, only a lighted desk and power plugs, but patrons can bring whatever they want inside (except food), for example, high school students can bring their textbooks and do homework even Sunday evenings or the weekend when the library is closed, or patrons can bring books they have already checked out to read when the library is closed (like Holidays). No sleeping overnight, just monitor the cameras and revoke user RFID cards for any violators. This provides patrons with a safe, quiet and suitable place for them to read and study (for example if their domestic situation is not ideal for schoolwork) during hours when the library is closed. LONGER HOURS OPEN THAN THE ACTUAL LIBRARY
    Vending machines or a 24-hour convenience store outside the 24-hour study area with a dining area, so people can leave the study area and eat food, then return to rebook a study kiosk.
    Media - DVDs, etc - these are dead, move them all online, replace the space with more computers to access the materials.
    Cafeteria - open when the library is open, otherwise, use the convenience store (like 7-11) or vending machines.
    Inside the library - reservable reseach carrels - 2 month reservable period where RFID card will let you into a small individual room with desk and power outlet with door that closes. Need to demonstrate necessity to use for Thesis work or government project.
    Auditorium for guest speakers (try USU faculty), lectures on any / every topic related to books the library has in its collection (Film, History, Shakespeare, British Literature, Classical Greek Drama, etc) Invite professors, authors, etc. Patron-voted film screenings, or themes (Musicals, Silent Movies, Film Noir, Fred Astaire)
    Arrange books like in a bookstore - have a NYTimes Best sellers Fiction / Non-Fiction display, Staff selections, have a display table at the front of the library.
    Arrange three big-screen TVs on mute in a triangle facing outward, have seating benches where patrons can tune into the audio using local radio FM channels like when you go to they gym, this way people can immediately borrow and watch video materials right in the library in a comfortable environment with comfortable chairs.

  • The new library should feel, grand but also confortable, somethng that shows books have power, but also inviting.

  • One of my favorite libraries (and I have frequented five off the top of my head) is the Bountiful, UT library. The sections are easy to find: adults on the right, YA on the left, kids downstairs, and media inbetween the two.
    I particularly like how the entire basement is dedicated to children. There's a small section with quiet toys and old board books for younger children. There are three computers for looking up books and an info desk looking over them so someone is always there to help. The rest of the basement is a small auditorium that's often rented out for recitals or used for kid theater events. I remember taking a babysitting class in that auditorium, and later going to a storytelling night in the same room.
    In the very back of the library is a soundproof room with lots of windows where students go for study groups. I would love to see a few rooms like that. One room in particular for the loud and vulgar young adult gamers that frequent Logan library sounds heavenly.
    The library is on Main Street, and there's something enchanting about the older buildings on Main. Regardless of where the new library is built, I would love to see the structure stay within the theme of historic Logan Main. A new building with lots of glass and tall doors would look cool, but it wouldn't feel like it belonged in our city. We're a city of old brick edifices and traditional architecture. I would love a classic dark-red-brown brick building sort of look.

  • An appealing place to visit that maintains the appeal of hisotric Maim St--open and welcoming at the front, benches and outdoor inviting spaces, to get passersby to stop even if they aren't looking for books. A real community space. Local artists' works to browse. A tiny exhibitiom space for students or locals to rent at a reasonable price (get some of the stuff that's hidden away in the art or anthropology musems on campus into downtown). And definitely a cafe!!

  • Sunny and inviting. Lots of plants. It's depressing to sit in a big cement building. Work on an outdoor space, maybe with rocking chairs. I think you want a cafe too. Somewhere to get hot cocoa in the winter or a flavored soda in the summer.

  • It would be wonderful if you had a bigger theater room, for when you do movie nights. And possibly have an open book store, in the lobby or main entrance.

  • It should have lots of windows and a at least 2 stories with patio areas for patrons to enjoy. Having the different floors with ramps make it accessible for old and very young legs.

Design comments from 2014-2015

  • As long as there are aisles of books and an atmosphere of peace and quiet, a library will always feel like a library. That being said, I do think the design should make an effort to not be confusing for patrons, especially the elderly. Don't resort to "style over substance."

  • Open, airy, lots of natural light. Light colored furniture with modular desks that are easily moved. Combined info and check out desks to help serve patrons quickly and easily. Meeting room space, art gallery space, to make the library a community center for the citizens of Logan.

  • More meeting rooms. We likely could use as many small rooms (1-4 people) as possible. Theater room. More reading/computing spaces.

  • Light, airy, spacious. Room to expand. Comfortable, welcoming seating areas. Theater/stage/ampitheater for movies and other programs. Several rooms for children's programs. A children's maker space / craft room. A baby carriage parking lot. A small in-house cafe would be nice.

  • Open, warm, well lit, lots and lots and lots of comfortable seating with power for devices easily accessible. Large flexible meeting spaces. Dedicated spaces for digital media lab and regular programming.

  • I think the Library's exterior design should hold true to the historic look of downtown Logan. I would love to see lounging areas throughout the new building with couches and maybe fireplaces. An open layout will allow for expansion if needed, but also will help in creating an inviting atmosphere.

  • Overall, design needs to be intuitive from the library user's standpoint and also functional. I am in favor of a classic architectural style rather than futuristic. Technology can still be futuristic within a classic style. Should be LEED certified. I'm not an expert on this, but I would think a new building should be planned and constructed in such a way that it would last at least 50 years. I would love some form of stage or auditorium or amphitheater with easy access for performances, large meetings, movie showings, conferences, etc. and a sound and projection system. A finished roof with outdoor tables and chairs and space for performances or events would be amazing (doesn't even need to be that big). A way to display materials on the ends of aisles would be great. Designated quiet/study areas are important. Trendy furniture in the busy areas of the library, classic and comfortable furniture in the quiet/study areas would be good. Proper space for staff, including private work areas (offices, etc.) and communal work areas which are good for communication and collaboration. A loading dock for big crate shipments?

  • I like openness, more room around isles. Brightness, currently the library feels a little dark.

  • It would be great to have smaller/individual rooms that one can reserve. I know we have some now, but they're more for larger groups. Having a closed room would be great to have very quiet study. I think the USU library has something similar. The larger rooms are good too. Maybe one could reserve it on your website, if we can't already.

  • Open, bright and well-lit. Ample room for expanding book collections. Feature local artwork within the decor. Quiet areas dedicated to study. Large gathering areas available for public reservations and programs. Children's theater.

  • Lots of windows and use of natural light. Open but with plenty of cozy nooks. Expand each collection area. Include an area specific to college students, or academic research.

  • Lots of light and windows. Intimate reading spaces. Open and inviting. Outdoor patio.

What other libraries have you seen that might serve as a model for us?


Other ideas?

Other comments from 2016

  • More books from Taiwan, more Traditional Chinese books

  • The YA computers are in a terrible spot right now. The kids are loud, obnoxious, and crude while gaming. I have no qualms to them playing games in a public setting, but the library is the wrong place. Couldn't they have a room of their own? Maybe a supervised YA computer lab? Maybe not by my favorite bookshelves? Also, more chairs. I assume those will come with more room.

  • Yeah, definitely a cafe. Logan's downtown is right on the verge of being charming, but there's really nothing to do there unless you want to buy stuff at the few useful shops and then leave. We need a reason to just wander downtown, and a library could be the perfect draw. Give residents a nice, classy, appealing place to visit, to meet up with friends, and to sit and sip a coffee or cocoa and enjoy the atmosphere of Main St. The tabernacle cant be the heart of our community in this way, but perhaps the library could!

  • If the rumors are true and the new library is going where the old Copper Mill used to be, then this is an opportunity to create a new center of downtown. Downtown is lovely but there is not much of a community feel. We need places to sit and visit with other people. The Owl is not for everyone and Great Harvest has limited outdoor seating. A library with a cafe right near Center and Main could be the heart of town.

Other comments from 2014-2015

  • It would be nice to have an area large enough to accommodate traveling displays/art shows like the Brigham City Museum does. (like their current Smithsonian's Museum on Main Street Exhibit)

  • The check-out desk should be on the way out and the Information desk on the way in. Self-check stations would be nice. More room for available holds please! Offices with windows and/or skylights.

  • I have been to a library where they have two chinchillas in their children's area. Occasionally the librarians let them roam the library in those plastic balls for small pets. It is fun to have something cute to draw children into the children's area. Fun furniture and bright walls for the children's area would also be nice to make the place warm and inviting. A secluded area for teens only, with limited access to adults to give them space to be teens without disrupting other library patrons. A room dedicated as a maker space, no technology required but a place where someone can get inspired and be creative. Meeting rooms, quiet study areas, and an auditorium for patrons to use but also to accommodate highly attended library programs.

  • The library should remain in downtown Logan, preferably on Main Street, in a free-standing building. That would show Logan City's commitment to everything the library stands for: literacy, art, culture, education, the well-being of residents. Plus, the library is a huge draw, bringing thousands of people downtown every day, even in its current building. That's good for private businesses in the area. Many people use the CVTD bus system to get around Logan so there should be a stop or two nearby. My overall hope as we consider options for a new library is that we will always strive for balance by not forgetting our traditional users and services while updating technology and looking to the future. I am one of those traditional users. Thank you for accepting my input.

  • Provide book lists of the books shown in your monthly displays.

  • I would LOVE to see the YA computers in an enclosed area so that anyone walking by or looking at materials in the same area don't have to hear them talk so loudly & won't have to hear all their vulgarity.

  • Do youth need an area dedicated for gaming where they will not disturb patrons?

  • Stay on Main Street. It's the most central location for a community central resource.

  • Since Logan City is trying to revitalize 400 North, how about building a new library east on 400 North? Maybe near the 300 block, across the street south from InstaCare. Take a whole block, build the library and a park with ample parking. It would do wonders to revitalize that area.