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1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Reading to your child is one of the most powerful ways to boost his or her brain power!

The simple and enjoyable act of sharing books helps your child learn pre-reading skills such as undestanding the sounds letters make, developing a bigger vocabulary, and building background knowledge - all important skills that help prepare your child for learning to read and entering kindergarten.

Logan Library's 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program is a fun, exciting, and free way to start your child on the path to success! Any child ages birth to five years can participate.

Begin Now

  1. Record each book you read together by filling in the reading record:
  2. When you complete your first 100 books, bring your reading record to the library. (You will need a new reading record for each 100 books you read.) Turn in your reading record at the check-out desk. You will be given a new reading record and your child will receive a prize and recognition for you accomplishment.
  3. Best prize of all? You will be giving your child a jumpstart to becoming a life-long reader!
  4. If you would like additional early literacy tips and encouragement, please register your email address here.



  1. If I use the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten App to track our reading, do I still need to submit a hard copy reading log?

    Yes. To receive your child's prize and be part of our in-house celebration you must turn in a hard copy reading record, however, you can simply color in the bubble reading record to submit and you will still have your title record safely in your app.

  2. How long will it take to read 1000 books?

    If you read three stories a day (or one story three times a day) you will be finished in less than 1 year. If you read one story a day, you will be finished in less than three years. The trick is simple consistency!

  3. Is there a time limit?

    It is expected that the program will take months or years to complete. The only time limit is completion before your child enters Kindergarten.

  4. Does it count if other people read to my children?

    Yes. Every story counts: storytime, preschool stories, reading with siblings or grandparents, as well as your reading with your own child.

  5. Does every book need to be different?

    No. Many children want to hear the same book over and over. Each time you read it counts.

  6. Can I count books I have read to my child before we registered?

    No. The purpose of this program is to support on-going reading. Start counting what you read today. You will be surprised how quickly they add up.

  7. Is there a minimum age?

    No. Your baby can benefit from reading as soon as he or she is born.

  8. Other questions?

    Email Becky Smith at becky.smith@loganutah.org


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