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2.16 Library Programming Policy

Logan Library
Approved 11 August, 2015

2.16.01 Library Programming Policy Statement

The Logan Library strives and desires to be "everyone's public library." This philosophy is to be reflected in all of its planning, services and collections and in the programs offered and sponsored by the Library itself. Every effort will be taken to provide library programs for the public that will be educational, informative or of entertaining value, while also striving to provide a variety of programming that appeals to many different tastes and preferences - including sometimes those that may be considered controversial or less desirable by some in the community - and yet very acceptable by other members of the community. In this spirit, all library programs should be marketed and promoted in an equal and unbiased manner.

2.16.02 Library Programming Decision Making

The library director has the ultimate responsibility and authority for determining what types of programming will be planned for and provided for all levels of patron benefit: adult, children, adolescent. The director may delegate such planning and implementation of programming to other members of the staff; but the director will be responsible for the final approval of library programming.

2.16.03 Library Programming and Societal Norms

Every effort will be taken by library staff to follow societal norms, but broadly defined and interpreted, when determining what programs to offer; as well as when actually conducting the programming - while still being mindful and careful not to "censor" and to appeal to a wide breadth of interest and appreciation across the community.

  1. When offering library programming that may be considered inappropriate for younger persons by society, the library will make every attempt to honor parents' and guardians' wishes to adhere to the restrictions intended by current societal norms by not allowing underage children or adolescents to experience the programming; however, when they are accompanied by an adult, children and adolescents will be admitted into the program.

2.16.04 Reconsideration of Library Programs

  1. The library will consider requests for reconsideration of library programs when submitted in writing. Forms are provided that can assist the citizen in identifying his/her objection to the program. Objections or complaints to programs will be handled in an attentive and timely manner under the direction of the library director
  2. Citizens have the right to appeal the director's decision regarding reconsideration of library programs to the Library Board of Trustees.

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