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2.03 Gifts Policy

Logan Library
Approved: 10 November 1987
Updated: 12 October 1993

2.03.01 Gifts and Donations

The library welcomes and accepts gifts of materials or funds. These gifts and/or donations are subject to the same criteria of selection that applies to purchased materials. Materials donated may be added to the collection, sold, exchanged, given to other organizations, or discarded as the selection policy prescribes. Separate or special shelving for gift items is not provided. Bookplates indicating that the item is a gift will be placed on the item if the donor desires. Gifts will be placed in the circulating collection of the library unless they meet the criteria for the reference or archive collection areas.

2.03.02 Memorial Gifts

Memorial gifts are accepted using the same criteria as purchased materials. Gifts of money are accepted to purchase resources in accordance with the selection criteria. Memorial bookplates are placed on the item.

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