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2.07 Displays, Exhibits, Posted and Distributed Materials Policy

Logan Library
Approved: 18 April 2000

2.07.01 Introduction

In support of the mission of the library to provide a variety of informational, educational, and recreational resources to the citizens, the library provides opportunities for displays, exhibits, and other posted and printed materials to be displayed that are not inconsistent with the overall mission of the library.

The library endorses the Library Bill of Rights of the American Library Association. The library accepts the Association's Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights for Exhibit Spaces and Bulletin Boards.

The library adheres to all federal, state, and local laws, including those pertaining to libel, copyright, and pornography. The library will exercise its right to impose reasonable restrictions on the time, place, and manner of any use of its display, exhibit, and posting facilities.

The library does not necessarily endorse the views represented in any display, exhibit, or posting on library property.

2.07.02 Displays/Exhibits

The library has display/exhibit space available generally located in established display cases in the library and in the main hallway. All displays/exhibits must be scheduled in advance. The library maintains complete control over the content of displays/exhibits and of space available for displays/exhibits.

2.07.03 Standards for Selecting Displays/Exhibits

The following standards will be used in determining which displays and exhibits will be approved for presentation in the library.

  1. Highlights or stimulates use of library resources.

  2. Relates to or compliments a library exhibit or program.

  3. Is of cultural, historical, or educational significance.

  4. Is of notable interest to the community.

  5. Relates to another significant exhibition or event in the community.

  6. Is of suitable size and physical form.

  7. Requires minimum security.

2.07.04 Responsibilities of the Exhibiting Person and the Library

  1. The responsibilities of the exhibitor are as follows:

    1. The exhibitor is responsible for providing a display/exhibit consistent with what was approved for display/exhibit.

    2. The exhibitor is responsible for setting up the display/exhibit.

    3. The exhibitor is responsible for removing the display/exhibit at the end of the scheduled display time.

    4. The exhibitor is responsible for insuring the display/exhibit against damage or losses if the exhibitor desires insurance.

    5. The exhibitor is responsible for providing signage to alert the public of the name of the display/exhibit and the person(s) or groups(s) responsible for the display/exhibit.

    6. The exhibitor will set up and remove displays/ exhibits at a pre-determined time as arranged with the library staff.

  2. The responsibilities of the library are as follows:

    1. The library is responsible for providing access to the display/exhibit areas in order that a display can be set up and/or removed.

    2. The library is responsible to provide a disclaimer sign.

    3. The library reserves the right to rearrange any item in a display/exhibit if necessary.

    4. The library will remove displays/exhibits that are not removed by the exhibitor at the pre-determined time, if the display/exhibit space is needed.

2.07.05 Posted Materials and Distributed Materials

The library allows for the posting of information and the distribution of multiple copies of printed materials in specific locations in the library. The library must approve all materials to be posted and/or distributed before the material is posted and/or distributed.

  1. Guidelines for the posting of materials are as follows:

    1. Where possible, separate bulletin boards should be used for library notices and public notices. When limited bulletin board space is available and is shared for library and public notices, library notices will be given priority.

    2. Space limitations generally require that notices be 8 ½" X 11" or smaller. Larger posters may be posted if space is available.

    3. All approved materials will be dated and will be removed and disposed of by the library staff when they are outdated.

  2. Guidelines for the display of distributed materials are as follows:

    1. Where possible, separate display areas for materials to be distributed should be used for library printed materials and public printed materials. When display space is limited, library materials printed for distribution will be given priority.

    2. The library reserves the right to limit the number of printed materials to be distributed due to space constraints.

    3. All out of date materials will be removed and disposed of by the library staff.

  3. The library will not distribute, post, or display the following types of printed materials:

    1. Advertising for profit-making or fund raising affairs unless the event is of recognized cultural or educational interest to the community.

    2. Advertising or promotional materials of a profit-making commercial entity, items for sale, or estate or trustee sales.

    3. Obscene and/or illegal materials.

2.07.06 Grievances

A member of the public who has a concern about a display, exhibit, or printed materials posted or displayed in the library is invited to send written comments to the library director. The library will respond to written statements as follows:

  1. The patron will be notified that the library has received his/her written statement of concern.

  2. A review process will be conducted by the library administration in response to an individual's statement of concern.

  3. While a concern is being considered, there will be no change in the status of the display, exhibit, or printed materials.

  4. Upon completion of the review process, the library director will notify the patron of the library's decision.

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