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2.10 Logan Library Special Collections Policy

Logan Library
Approved: July 8, 2008
Updated: November 9, 2010

2.10.01 Purposes and Objectives

The objective of the Logan Library Special Collections is to present and preserve materials of lasting value for patrons of the library.

The various sections of the Logan Library Special Collections as follows all serve to meet this objective.

Bound Periodical Collection
The purpose of the Bound Periodical Collection is to preserve serial publications deemed of lasting value to patrons of the library.

Logan Collection and Archive
The purpose of the Logan Collection and Archive is to present and preserve materials that have been selected for permanent or long-term preservation on the grounds of their enduring cultural, historical, or evidentiary value to the City of Logan.

Special Book Collection
The purpose of the Special Book Collection is to preserve books of various subjects which, following the collection development guidelines, have lasting value to the patrons of the library.

2.10.02 General Policy

  1. The special collections are intended for use by the public.

  2. The original format and integrity of materials will be preserved whenever feasible.

  3. Materials found in the Special Collections have lasting value. Lasting value is defined as having enduring interest, significance, or merit for patrons of the Logan Library.

  4. Misuse or abuse of the collection by the public will be dealt with in accordance with state statute 76-6-8 "library theft".

2.10.03 Guidelines for Collection Development

  1. If preserving the original format is not feasible, the librarian will seek another format which will preserve the information contained in the materials and maximize the ability for patrons to access the information.

  2. Items may be removed from the main library collection which are rare, irreplaceable or are subject to theft and/or mutilation to be reclassified and included in the Special Collections.

  3. Logan Collection and Archive:

    1. The City of Logan is the main and only focus.
    2. Items which relate topically to Cache Valley may be added if they add to an understanding o the City of Logan.
    3. Materials may be primary or secondary in nature.
    4. Items may be sought after and donated by the departments, etc. of the City of Logan.
    5. Guidelines for collecting materials concerning the City of Logan:
      1. Information and/or biographies about prominent people in Logan i.e., mayors, council members, city officials, business and professional people, etc.
      2. Political and governmental histories of Logan.
      3. Histories of Logan businesses and educational institutions.
      4. Diaries, genealogies, and biographies of Logan residents.
      5. Oral histories of Logan residents.
      6. Other histories, records, or information that may help in the preservation of the history and social history of the City of Logan.

  4. Bound Periodical Collection:

    1. Serial publications are bound and included in this collection if they are considered to have lasting value to patrons of the library.

  5. Special Book Collection:

    1. The larger Cache Valley area constitutes the main focus of the Book Collection. It is defined as the Bridgerland Region or the counties of Box Elder, Cache, and Rich in Utah and Franklin, Bear Lake, and Oneida in Idaho.
    2. The state of Utah constitutes a second but significant focus of the Book Collection.
    3. Guidelines for collecting materials:
      1. Histories of local communities and counties primarily in the Cache Valley, southeastern Idaho, and Utah.
      2. Biographies and genealogies of Cache Valley residents, and significant people who have lived in southeastern Idaho, and Utah.
      3. Some items of general historical, geographical, or genealogical interst that relate to the larger Cache Valley area.

  6. 2.10.04 Public Access:

    1. Materials housed in all the sections of the Logan Library Special Collections are for reference only and do not circulate.

    2. Virginia Hansen Room

      1. Access to the Virginia Hansen Room is open and available for browsing.
      2. This room is available to patrons as a study area.

    3. Logan Room

      1. Access to the Logan Room is restricted. Permission to use this collection will be granted by the reference librarian on duty who may limit the number of people using the room at one time.
      2. Meetings are not generally scheduled for the Logan Room. Meetings that are scheduled may be interrupted by librarians to retrieve materials.
      3. Children under the age of ten must be accompanied by an adult when using the Logan Room.
      4. Use of materials outside the Logan Room is restricted by authorization of the reference librarian on duty.

    2.10.05 Duplication of Materials

    1. Photocopying is regulated through Federal copyright law.

    2. Materials in the open stacks area of Special Collections are available for photocopying. Permission of the reference librarian on duty is required before items from the closed stacks can be photocopied.

    3. Items that are rare or fragile may require special authorization and/or the assistance of the librarian to be copied.

    4. Selected materials are microfilmed or digitized for preservation purposes and in accordance with Federal copyright law.

    5. Requests to remove materials from the library to be professionally duplicated require the authorization of the library director.

    2.10.06 Management of the Logan Library Special Collections

    1. The Library Director is responsible for the overall management of these collections.

    2. The designated librarian is responsible for the operation and management of these collections including but not limited to the following duties:

      1. Insuring the protection and safety of the collection.
      2. Providing the public and library staff with instructions for proper use.
      3. Monitoring and maintaining the physical condition of the collection in accordance with established library policies and procedures.
      4. Acquiring materials in accordance with established library policies and procedures.
      5. Coordinating the cataloging and processing of materials in accordance with established library policies and procedures.

    3. The sale, alienation, destruction or other disposition of records housed in the archives is prohibited without the knowledge of and agreement of the director of the library and the librarian.

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