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DateMay 24 2016
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Sego Milk Products Company

This week I received several questions about the Sego Milk Products Company, a company of tremendous local significance during the early twentieth century. Finding answers to these questions has led me to better understand how the dairy industry impacted Cache Valley.

Dairy manufacturing business ventures in Cache Valley go back to 1870's. However, as dairy productions and marketing became more specialized and the market grew, companies created solely for these purposes were created. By the 1890 creameries were common throughout Cache Valley, but many were trying to discover a use for the rising surplus of milk production in the valley. One solution was found by the Utah Condensed Milk Company when in 1903 they build the first condensed milk factory in Utah, producing what they called "Sego Milk".

By 1925 the Sego Milk Products Company had become the largest dairy processor in the intermountain territory and was acquired by Pet Milk Company. Over time Sego Milk became part of what has become Pet Incorporated, a major international food producing company with a variety of products it produces.

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~ Jason, Special Collections Librarian