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DateMay 31 2016
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Has it been cold outside?

This time of year, we often hear conversation about the temperatures, usually exclaiming about how cold it has been. Cache Valley has a reputation in Utah of being rather cold. This might lead someone to ask: what are normal temperatures one can expect in Cache Valley?

As it happens, over the past month it actually has been colder than the multiyear average. On December 9 the low temperature was -14°F, compared to the average for that day of 18°F, a difference of 32°F. We also had a cold spell that lasted from December 3 to December 19, 17 consecutive days with cooler than average low temperatures. Additionally, 81% of the days in December had lower than average low temperatures.

This and historical statistics can be found on our Community Profile page.

~ Jason, Special Collections Librarian