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Friday, 10 February 2012
A trolley car in Logan?

This week a Logan City employee showed me an antique bond she had purchased. Printed in January 1913 for the Logan Rapid Transit Company, this is a beautiful piece of pre-World War I locomotive and local history.

Founded in January of 1910 by several prominent business men including David Eccles, the Logan Rapid Transit Company established a trolley car that went from the train depot (now Cafe Sabor) east to Main Street, north to 4th North and from there up to College Hill. By 1912 the route had been extended to stretch north to Smithfield and south to Providence. In 1914 a additional track was laid westward to Box Elder County where it connected with other tracks that had already been laid. In the days of slow and tedious horse and buggy travel, one could travel to Salt Lake in only 5 hours!

By the mid-1920's the train system began to suffer when it came into competition with automobiles. By 1926, some of electric rail lines had already been discontinued. Although it hung on for a couple of more decades, the last of the electric rail lines was abandoned in March of 1947.

[Select Bond 1, Bond 2, and Bond 3 to see scanned images of the Rapid Transit Company bond.]

Jason, Special Collections Librarian

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